Tips to finish a PhD degree fast and easy

finish a PhD degree fast and easy

This blog post of PhDTalks lists the important tips required to finish a PhD faster and easily. These PhD tips are implemented in almost all subject categories. To complete a PhD fast, a researcher needs to put in a lot of effort and time. He should diligently plan his work before. Working along with supervisors … Read more

8 important Tips/ advice for New PhD students

Tips for New PhD students

This blog post (Tips for New PhD students) aims to provide 8 essential tips for the PhD students. The tips include knowledge about PhD resources to organize PhD research. Even these Ph.D. tips & advice are useful to experienced researchers. Generally, it is expected that during the award of the Ph.D., research scholars have at … Read more

Tips to choose good PhD research topics/ problems

choose PhD research topics

In this blog post (how to choose PhD research topics), I will be sharing tips to choose a research topic for a Doctoral degree. Read also: Considerable tips to choose PhD research topics It is a well-known fact that choosing a good topic for carrying out research is time-consuming. Generally, it may take a few … Read more

Steps to writing a research proposal for PhD/ Post Doc

writing a research proposal

If you are looking for assistance in writing a research proposal, then you are at the right place. In this blog post, we will be sharing the steps required to write a good research proposal for PhD or Post Doc. Moreover, you will also be able to download the samples of research proposals. Also read … Read more

Free and Paid plagiarism checkers for research papers/ thesis

Best Plagiarism Checkers for Research Papers Thesis

This blog post aims to provide the list of best plagiarism checkers used for research papers or thesis. We have covered both free as well as paid research plagiarism checkers used by researchers. The graduates can also use these plagiarism checkers for their assignments. Read related posts: Best Plagiarism Checkers for Research Papers/ Thesis Nowadays, … Read more

Ph.D. Topics in Computer Science

PhD Topics in Computer Science

While there are many topics, you should choose the research topic according to your personal interest. However, the topic should also be chosen on market demand. The topic must address the common people’s problems. In this blog post, we are listing important and popular Ph.D. (Research) topics in Computer Science. PhD in Computer Science 2023: … Read more

How to start PhD research program in India?

Start a PhD in India

Guide to start PhD research: A Doctor of Philosophy is the most common degree at the highest academic level Ph.D. is an academic program that offers a doctoral degree on completion. To start PhD research program, a candidate must be a postgraduate like MSc/ M.Phil. / M.A in any subject with at least 55% marks. … Read more

Best tools, websites for PhD students/ researchers/ graduates

researchers tool websites

In this blog post, we are listing the tools and websites that are useful for every Ph.D. student. Even these presented PhD tools and websites are important to experienced researchers. It also depends on the area of research and the nature of the investigation (theoretical, experimental, survey, pure data analysis, etc). There are no universal … Read more

UGC guidelines for PhD thesis format

UGC guidelines for PhD thesis format. Thesis, also known as a dissertation.  The thesis may include total pages ranging from 120 to 250. However, the range may vary from one subject to another. In this blog post, we are discussing a very basic format for PhD Thesis. The PhD Thesis starts from a front page (title … Read more