Free and Paid plagiarism checkers for research papers/ thesis

Best Plagiarism Checkers for Research Papers Thesis

This blog post aims to provide the list of best plagiarism checkers used for research papers or thesis. We have covered both free as well as paid research plagiarism checkers used by researchers. The graduates can also use these plagiarism checkers for their assignments. Read related posts: Best Plagiarism Checkers for Research Papers/ Thesis Nowadays, … Read more

Best tools, websites for PhD students/ researchers/ graduates

researchers tool websites

In this blog post, we are listing the tools and websites that are useful for every Ph.D. student. Even these presented PhD tools and websites are important to experienced researchers. It also depends on the area of research and the nature of the investigation (theoretical, experimental, survey, pure data analysis, etc). There are no universal … Read more

How to use Urkund Plagiarism Checker?

There are many plagiarism checker software available on the internet. However, only a few work properly. Urkund is one of the most efficient and free plagiarism checkers. In this blog post, I will tell you how to use Urkund Plagiarism Checker for free. Read related posts: About Plagiarism Checker At a basic level, plagiarism checker … Read more