Free and Paid plagiarism checkers for research papers/ thesis

This blog post aims to provide the list of best plagiarism checkers used for research papers or thesis. We have covered both free as well as paid research plagiarism checkers used by researchers. The graduates can also use these plagiarism checkers for their assignments.

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Best Plagiarism Checkers for Research Papers/ Thesis

Nowadays, plagiarism detection and prevention have become one of the educational challenges prevailing in the academic and research fields. So, to avoid this type of scientific misconduct, the academic field in universities/ colleges should use the best plagiarism detection software that is easily available. Plagiarism detection tools help in stopping students/ researchers from copying and manipulating published data. It helps in publishing more and more original research articles. Following are some of the easily available free and paid plagiarism checkers for research papers tools that can be used for detecting plagiarism:

Paid plagiarism checker tools for research articles

1. Turnitin

Turnitin is a widely accepted paid plagiarism checker tool for research papers as well as for thesis in institutions, universities, and colleges for detecting plagiarism. It is considered one of the most efficient and effective ways of detecting matched documents. It gives a detailed report of the input document by comparing more than 20 million databases and published articles on the internet. Here, the students/ researchers need to upload the documents to system databases. The system provides fingerprints for input documents and stores them.

2. Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X helps in the detection of plagiarism from 7 different languages. It can be used for checking essays, blogs, research papers, and other documents by comparing with the billions of documents that are published and available on the internet. It provides similarity checks in percentages. It accepts a bulk load of more than 10,000 words at a time. Initially, documents can be checked on a free trial basis. Later, users have to pay once, and can be used forever.

3. Copyscape

Copyscape has both free and premium versions for checking the plagiarism content. Here, one must give input in the form of entering the URL. It mainly helps in checking the websites where people have copied from their web pages without seeking their permission.

Free plagiarism checker tools used by Graduates & others

1. Urkund

Urkund is the simplest tool for checking plagiarism in research manuscripts by scholars. It is an automated plagiarism detection tool. Here, it only requires the knowledge about generation and sending of emails. There is no need to access any website or log in. Thousands of students, teachers, and faculty are using this plagiarism checker for research papers and thesis. Even for checking the plagiarism from my Ph.D. Thesis, I did use Urkund. This software is available for institutions directly. Students can check their plagiarism reports instantly while communicating to their institute website.

2. Plagiarisma

This is a free and simple tool for detecting plagiarism. It does store the scanned information. It helps in detecting mainly short types of articles, essays, assignments, and blogs. The input can be entered either by directly copying and pasting or by uploading the file.

3. Quetext

This free checking tool provides the first internal check and goes for external plagiarism checking. It uses machine learning and language processing for finding matched documents for multiple languages. It checks the plagiarism word by word. The user needs to copy-paste the document. It can detect plagiarism for unlimited words. However, it does not provide detailed information in the report.

4. Viper

It is a free plagiarism tool mainly used for detecting accidental plagiarism. It helps in identifying the matched sources by comparing them with 10 billion sources present on the internet. Here, the documents can be resubmitted unlimited times. In addition, it provides a detailed report of the plagiarized sentences.

5. Plagiarism Scanner

This is the easiest, fastest, and most effective tool for detecting matched documents. It is a very user-friendly detection tool. It provides results of detailed plagiarism checking within a few minutes. The plagiarism scanner provides the full report which contains the percentage of plagiarized materials in the document. This detection tool can be used by entering the link from any sources such as Google, and Yahoo search engines, digital databases, and online libraries like Questia and ProQuest.

6. Duplichecker

This is also one of the free plagiarism checker tools. It is renowned for conducting in-depth scans for plagiarism and providing 100% accurate results to its users. Students or researchers can give input by entering the URL, copying or pasting the text, or by directly uploading the files. Besides the detection of plagiarism, this free plagiarism checker also lets you know about the sources from which your text matches.

7. JPlag

This type of detecting tool can be used to check source code plagiarism. In this type, the user must give input in the form of a series/set of programs. JPlag is mainly used to determine plagiarism in Java, C+, and C++. It can check 100 programs with more than 100 lines. It provides results in less than a minute.

8. PlagTracker

This is the most popular plagiarism checker tool among students, faculties, and research scholars. It provides detailed information on scanned input by matching the documents for similarity index from millions of academic publications.

9. Maulik

It is mainly used for detecting plagiarism in Hindi documents. The cosine similarity tool present in it enables the finding of the matched documents. It can even be used for detecting plagiarism in documents that have used synonyms for the original words. It is the most effective and superior tool for checking Hindi documents.

10. MOSS

It is mainly used for checking source code plagiarism. It is best known for detecting plagiarism for C+, C++, Pascal, Java, Ada, ML, or other programming languages.

11. WCopyfind

This tool is mainly used for checking words, phrases, or short sentences. It checks for the similarity of the documents within a local repository. However, it has an extended version that can be used for checking plagiarism online using Google API.

12. SIM

This tool also can detect plagiarism between two C programs. The students/researchers can detect plagiarism over a hundred large sets of computer programs.


This is another type of free plagiarism-checking tool. It also provides a detailed report of similarity checks between the documents and Webpages.

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