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How to start a Ph.D. research program in India?8 important Tips for New Ph.D. students
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Steps to identify fake journals | Recognize predatory journals.Tips for publishing in high-impact factor journals.
Best tools, websites for PhD students/ researchers/ graduates.Difference between Scopus and Web of Science (WoS).
UGC guidelines for Ph.D. thesis submission 2022.How to use SCI HUB to download research papers for free.
Difference between SCI, SCIE, and ESCI journals.Difference b/w journal paper, conference paper & Book chapter.
Steps to writing a research proposal for Ph.D./ Post Doc.Free plagiarism checkers for research papers/ thesis.
Download Research Paper Format IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, all.Research Ethics.
SJR and Impact Factor difference.Explaining H-index, i10-index, G-index & other research metrics.
How to write a scientific review paper?12 ways to increase Google Scholar Citation count.
Top academic journal publishers in the world.Journal quality indicators to determine the quality of a journal.
How to check & find the journal quartile?Difference between research paper and thesis.
How to publish a research paper in Scopus journals?

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