MCQ on web technology with answers PDF | Set 2

The total of 10 questions with answers are presented in this post. These MCQs on Web Technology are presented with answers. 1. The Client Computer is also called  Front End Back End Operating System 2. In Client Server model, the following initiates the request Server Client Network on which both are present Both Client and Server 3. The following is a Web … Read more

Sociology MCQ questions: Environmental Sociology

Multiple Choice Questions on Sociology Which of the following correspond to the first wave of environmentalism as per Ramachandra Guha’s framework of global environmentalism? Initial response to onset of industrialisation Public and political support to response to industrialisation Rising discontent against pollution in America All of the above ‘Idea of scientific conservation’ is considered as … Read more

Human Behavior Multiple Choice Question

If you want to teach your dog to ring the doorbell with her nose, you should a. be very careful to reinforce only button-pushing responses. b. reinforce her any time anybody rings the doorbell. c. probably use the shaping technique. d. punish her any time she moves away from the door. Answer: probably use the shaping technique. To prevent … Read more

Research Ethics MCQs with answers

It is primary responsibility of a researcher to be sincere to the work. Care must be taken to execute research in the utmost responsible and correct way, at every step: Sampling; Data collection; Data analysis; Writing the research report; Publication of report. Research Ethics Multiple Choice Questions Every researcher views all societal problems in the … Read more

MCQ on fundamentals of computer

MCQ on fundamentals of computer with answers. A Total of 10 MCQs are provided. A computer is an electronic device which process input data and produce information as output.  a. True  b. False 2. The control unit (CU) is part of the Central Processing Unit (CPU).  a. True  b. False 3. Arithmetical and logical operations … Read more