UGC guidelines for PhD thesis submission 2021

PhD is considered as the highest degree in India. If you are looking for rules and regulations for PhD Thesis Submission, you are at the right place.  Here we have provided a list of rules and regulations one must fulfil prior to submitting the PhD Thesis.

List of 11 criteria as per UGC (minimum standard and procedure for award of Ph.D. degree) Regulation, 2009 amended 2016.

  1. Admission by entrance test or interview or both.
  2. Maximum number, M. Phil : 5, Ph.D.: 8 /Supervisor.
  3. National/ Reservation Policy.
  4. Course work/Research Methodology Theory.
  5. Research Advisory Committee- Review of the progress.
  6. Part-1 methodology exam.
  7. PRE Ph.D. presentation before summary submission.
  8. Publication of at least 2 papers before thesis submission.
  9. Presentation of 2 papers in conferences or seminar (One National & One International).
  10. Evaluation of thesis by two experts other than Supervisor, one out of the State.
  11. Soft copy of the Thesis in the University for Shodhganga.

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