How to change dissertation topic? Know the rules.

 Change in Research Topic/Objective/Methodology in PhD

A PhD candidate may within one year of his/her registration change the title/ scheme of his/her subject with the approval of the Departmental Research Committee (DRC). Provided that the Executive Council may allow modification to be made in the scheme /title of subject even after one year, if in the considered opinion of the board, the modification proposed does not involve any major change in the original scheme and scope of the subject.

change dissertation topic

Change dissertation topic

Many times it may happen that we are not interested in our research topic. There can be many reasons for this. Sometimes, we notice that the research topic is not interested any more and hence no growth in the research. At that point of time, one must approach to the authority for changing the topic.
Moreover, Scholars even can change the methodology of their research work if it is not suitable. For this, scholars need to talk to the DRC.
Note: The approved copy of synopsis (soft & hard) along with abstract must be submitted to Coordinator Shodhganga/ Dean R&D for uploading in Shodhganga. Synopsis must be checked for plagiarism under the supervision of research supervisor.

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