What is a research degree committee in PhD?

The committee will recommend the approval of synopsis and candidate’s registration. Provided that if RDC does not recommend a candidate for the registration to Ph.D. program, she/he will resubmit the proposal within a month after due modification as suggested by RDC.

Research Degree Committee

A minimum of four members shall form the quorum. Presence of VICE-CHANCELLOR or his nominee, Supervisor & External Examiner is mandatory. 
Research Degree Committee shall be proposed by HOD. The meeting of the 4 Research Degree Committee (RDC) shall be held in the University Office twice a year or as and when required. 

Main task of RDC in PhD

The committee shall recommend suitability of the topic of research and registration of the candidate for the Ph.D. degree. On Approval by the Research Degree Committee (RDC) the candidate shall be registered and enrolled as a Ph. D. student.

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