30 MCQs with answers on plagiarism

Plagiarism is a method of copying someone’s else work in your research work without the proper consent of the author of the original work. Here in this blog post, we have provided 30 MCQs with answers on Plagiarism.

1. The act of presenting someone else’s work or idea as own is considered as


 Academic dishonesty

 Wrongful appropriation

 All of these

2. Do you think anti Plagiarism detection software is useable  for

 Avoiding plagiarism

 Getting a comparison or similarity index to check the originality of the assignment

 Added Features like instant feedback to help improve writing

 Do not find useful for any of these

3. Which of the following plagiarism software is available under open access?




All of these invalid

4. Which of the following software is a paid software for checking the similarity index in a research paper?





5. Plagiarism where the writer changes a few words in the original text of another is known as

 Direct copying

 Word switch


None of these

6. The Latin word which is understood as the origin of the word ‘plagiarism’ is





7. What meaning of Plagiarius was quoted by Martial, a Roman poet, for using the term plagiarius by other users without quoting his name?

 Literary kidnappers

 Literary thieves

 Literary copiers

Literary stealers

8. Referred documents must be cited as




All of these

9. Can multiple submissions of work be treated as plagiarism?




 Can’t Say

10. There has been a steep rise in plagiarism due to 

 Increase in publication growth

 Increase in enrollment for research work

 Availability of digital documents

Use of computers in research

11. Which plagiarism software among the following is a commercial software





12. Which of the following acts constitute plagiarism?

 Presenting other’s work as own

 Paraphrasing without citation

 Quoting other’s work without quotation marks

 All of these

13. A ____________ is placed within the text and includes the authors’ last names and the publication year. A ___________ is placed at the end of a paper and includes information on the authors, year, the title of the source, and publication data to prevent plagiarism and give proper citation to work referred.

 quotation; citation

 reference list; quotation

 Citation; reference list

reference list; citation

14. What are the common forms of plagiarism?

 Direct copying

 Word switch


 All of these

15. What are the common reasons for plagiarism in student assignments?

 Academic Pressure

 Poor Writing Skills

 Ignorance about citation form and style

All of these

16. What is the important point to be considered while paraphrasing?


 Writing in own words

 Using quotes

 All of these

17. What are the different ways to avoid plagiarism in academic writing?

 Providing references

 Citing the original author

 Quoting the exact phrase

 All of these

18. What should be the appropriate penalty if a student is found guilty of plagiarism?

 Warning of deduction in marks

 Permanent or time-bound rustication

 Failure to Withdrawal from Degree

None of these

19. What should be the appropriate penalty if an academic professional is found guilty of plagiarism?

 Verbal or written warning

 Disqualified to receive any kind of grant

 Suspension or expulsion from service

 None of these

20. Plagiarism detection software checks plagiarism by providing

 Similarity index

 Citation index

 Content index

 None of these

21. Plagiarism can lead to

 Retraction of your published paper

 Suspension/termination from a job

 Rejection of thesis

 All of the above

22. You can use direct quotes

 Up to one page

 Up to one para

 Up to three lines

 Up to one line

23. Plagiarism can NOT be detected by




 b & c both

24. Plagiarism is

 Submitting some other’s work as of your own

 Submitting your own previously published work again

 a & b both

 quoting with citation

25. Which of the following requires proper citation?

 When you refer to some previously published studies

 When you refer to your own papers that you have previously written.

 a & b both

 When you write your own ideas.

26. It is NOT a tool for paraphrasing

 Modify the order & structure of sentences

 Direct quotation

 Use synonyms & different forms of words

 Change the voice or perspective

27. Using different forms of words (adjective to noun or noun to verb) is one of the tools of




 All of the above

28. Plagiarism can be avoided by the use of

 Direct Quotation



 All of the above

29. Plagiarism is

 OK sometimes

 Always wrong because it is theft and fraud

 Not at all wrong

 a & c both

30. Summarizing is

 Presenting in your own words

 Reducing the source text to its main points

 a & b both

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