MCQ on Citation and Referencing in Research

  1. The objective of citation style manuals is –

 Attribution of other’s intellectual work

 Attribution of own intellectual work

 Attribution of corporate intellectual outcomes

 All of these

Accepted Answers: Attribution of other’s intellectual work

2. The citation manual published by Aspen Publisher which is known as alternative to other manuals useful for law subject is –




 Blue Book

Accepted Answers: ALWD

3. Which citation style has been developed by University of Oxford and used in almost all universities in the United Kingdom?


 Blue Book


 None of above

Accepted Answers: Blue Book

 4. ‘International Standard Book Number (ISBN)’ is a ____________ digit unique numeric commercial machine-readable identification number meant for monograph publications.





Accepted Answers: Thirteen

5. Who is responsible for assessing ISBN in India?

 National Library, Kolkata

 Imperial Library, Kolkata

 Raja Ram Mohan Roy Foundation, Kolkata

 National Book Trust, New Delhi

Accepted Answers: Raja Ram Mohan Roy Foundation, Kolkata

6.  ‘International Standard Audio-visual Number’ (ISAN) is another form of digital object identifier which is used to – 

 Knot text-visual works

 Knot audio-visual works

 Knot audio-text works

 Knot Video works

Accepted Answers: Knot audio-visual works

7. APA Style stands for –

 American Psychological Association

 American Psychological Associates

 Association of Psychological of Americans

 American Psychologist Association

Accepted Answers: American Psychologist Association

8. Which citation style is famously used in science and medicinal research?

 The Vancouver Referencing Style

 APA Style

 MLA Style

 Chicago Manual Style

Accepted Answers: The Vancouver Referencing Style

9. Which color is used in the Blue Book of citation for instruction to first year law students?





Accepted Answers: Blue

10. What abbreviation is used to mention more than four authors of a research work to be cited?

 at al.

 et all.

 et al.

 ot all.

Accepted Answers: et al.

11. Trace the latest edition of Blue Book of Legal Citation in use as in 2015.





Accepted Answers: 20

12. ISSN stands for –

 International Standard Social Number

 International Source Serial Number

 International Standard Serial Number

 Indian Standard society Number

Accepted Answers: International Standard Serial Number

13. Parenthetical Referencing is also known as – 

 Foot Note Referencing

 Endnote Referencing

 In Text Referencing

 Title Referencing

Accepted Answers: In Text Referencing

14. Citation of original source, available within text of the writing is called –

 Hypertext referencing

 Parenthetical Referencing

 In-text Referencing

 Paragraph Referencing

Accepted Answers: Parenthetical Referencing

15. Chicago Style is used for citation of referencing in how many subjects as per 16th Edition, 2010 manual.





Accepted Answers: 190

16. MLA stands for – 

 Modern Language Association

 Modern Linguistic Association

 Modern Logical Association

 Modern Law Association

Accepted Answers: Modern Language Association

17. Which citation manual(s) is/are useful for citation of legal material?


 Blue Book


 All of Above

Accepted Answers: All of Above

18. Blue Book of Legal Citation has been developed by –

 Editors, Columbia Law Review

 Editors, Michigan Law Review

 Editors, Iowa Law Review

 Editors, Harvard Law Review

Accepted Answers: Editors, Harvard Law Review

19. Two types of reference noting systems used in Citation styles are –

 Footnote and Endnote

 Under note and back note

 Indent note and last note

 Reference note and bibliographical note

Accepted Answers: Footnote and Endnote

 20. ‘International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)’ system was drafted by which organization in 1971.

 International Organization for Standardization

 International Organization for Serialization

 International Organization for Standards

 International Organization for Patents

Accepted Answers: International Organization for Standardization

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