MCQ on data analysis in research methodology

20 MCQs on data analysis in research methodology with answers are provided.

1. What are the types of tables in data processing?

Simple table

Complex/ crosstable

Only b

 Both a and b

2. Following are parts in the tabulation of data

Title of the table

Subheadings, arrangement of items in rows and columns

Size and demarcation of columns


 All the above

3. After the data has been processed and analysed, the research process requires:

Interpretation of data

Presentation of data

Reporting of data

 Testing of data

4. Under descriptive analysis statistical tools used are:




Only and a and b

 Only b and c

5. Highlight the statistical tools that are available to a researcher in the research process:

 Measure central tendency

 Measure of dispersion

 Measure of asymmetry

 Measure of relationship

 All the above

6. Data processing involves the following steps:





All of the above

7. In a bar diagram each bar indicates the value of the variable



8. Through data interpretation one understands what the given research findings really mean and what is the underlying generalization which is manifested thought the data collected.



9. In a complex table there is one variant only.



10. Scientific analysis and interpretation of data is data analysis.



11. What is one dimensional analysis?

 Descriptive analysis with one variable

 Descriptive analysis with only one-sided approach

12. The researcher should keep a clear set of_________________ formulated at the very start of the research which will lead to clearer actions and better data collection as well as analysis:


Research design


13. A hypothesis which is tested for possible rejection is known as:

Positive hypotheses

Absolute hypotheses

Null hypotheses

14. Which of the following are the diagrammatic representations in research:


 Bar diagram

 Pie chart

 All the above

15. In a graph the following variables are scaled on X and Y axis:

The dependent variables on X and the independent variable on Y.

 The independent variables are scaled on X axis and dependent one on Y axis.

16. Bar diagrams can be drawn:

 Either vertically


 Both vertically and horizontally

17. One of the primary advantages of statistics is:

 Reducing large data to manageable size

Explains the larger picture

18. Which chart is presented in the form of a circle with each category occupying a segment that is proportional according to the size of its data:

 Bar diagram

 Pie chart


19. The measure of central tendency indicates:

Measure of asymmetry

Measure of average

Measure of variables

None of the above

20. The method of standard deviation is used in:

Measure of relationship

Measure of asymmetry

Measure of dispersion

 All the above

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