Research Report writing MCQs with answers

Every research leads to the creation of a research report. The report is the formal logical presentation of the research that has been conducted. The purpose of the research report is to convey to the interested persons the whole result of a study in sufficient detail and to determine the validity of the conclusions.

In this post, we have listed 21 Multiple Choice Questions on Report Writing with answers.

1. What is a legal report?

 A report which deals specifically with a legal problem

It’s a brief statement of the most significant facts necessary for the investigation

 Both a and b

Only a

2. Guidelines for report writing includes:

 Knowledge of the research material

 Organizing of research material

 Rough drafts

 Bibliography, footnotes and head notes

 All o.f the above

3. Bibliography is :

 At the end of the study arranged in alphabetical order

 Anywhere in the study

 Beginning of the study

 Not necessary to be included

4. Which of the following become the initial part of a report:



 Table of cases

 List of abbreviations

 All of the above

5. The conceptual framework and background of research which will become the source for formulation of the hypothesis is known as:


 Review of literature

 Data analysis

 None of the above

6. Appendix to the report includes:


 Sample information

 Mathematical derivations

 All of the above

7. Bibliography is;

 all the consulted sources of data whether primary or secondary, reference books, articles, reports, unpublished material

8. The purpose of bibliography is:

 Add to the volume of the study

Provide cross-reference and authenticity to the report

9. Formatting, spaces, spellings and grammar becomes part of:



10. Diagrammatic representation is used:

 To confuse the reader

 To make the report more interesting and easy

11. In the research process, report writing is:


 The final step in the research

 Both a and b

 Only a

12. One of the useful skills for a researcher is:

 The ability to understand the research

 The ability to write an effective research report

 Both a and b

 None of the above

13. The introduction of a report should state which of the following:

 Nature of the study


 Sources of information

 Scope of the study

 All of the above

14. Which of the following must be mentioned by the researcher in the report:

 Problems in collecting the data

 Possible discrepancies in data collection

 Suggestions to subsequent investigators on the same topic in the same context

 All of the above

15. The main text provides the complete outline of the research report along with all details. It includes:



 Review of literature

 Analysis and interpretation

 Findings and Recommendations

 All of the above

16. Report is the formal logical presentation of the research that has been conducted.



17. A report which deals specifically with a legal problem is said to be a legal research report.



18. Which of the following forms part of the preliminary section of a legal research report:

 Title page

 Preface/ Acknowledgement


 Table of cases

 List of abbreviations

 All of the above

19. Report is a:

 Formal logical presentation of the research

 Summary of the research

No, the answer is incorrect.

20. The objective of a research report  are:

 Conveying of knowledge to the concerned people in the field of research

 Proper presentation of the findings for further utilization of the recommendations.

 Give impetus to research in the concerned knowledge area.

 To re-examine the validity of generalizations drawn by the researcher after the report has been submitted.

 All of the above

21. Which of the following is not a form of research report?


 Enquiry report of a commission



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