All Solved MCQs on Research Methodology

In this post, we have posted 20 Solved MCQs on Research Methodology. Every question is consisted of four options. The answer is bold with black colour.

The Given Solved MCQs on Research Methodology are targeted to the students who are pursuing the subject of Research Methodology as a part of their degree or post graduate degree courses in criminology, law, sociology, social work, etc.

Multiple Choice Questions on Research Methodology

1. Which of the following is the role of a conclusion:

 To gives an ending to your project and highlight what a research result means

 To help the researcher explain how his/her research contributes to the new knowledge.

 To give an impression of the work done by the researcher.

 All the above.

2. A good conclusion can be:

 A repetition of the researcher’s work

 One line.

 Blue-print of the research.

 All the above.

3. A Conclusion should just repeat what the researcher has said in the Research.



4. The Conclusion is a good place to add in all the extra ideas the researcher could not fit in his research.



5. The Conclusion should bring all ideas of the researcher together to justify his/her final view on the topic.



6. The Conclusion is a great place to put all the favorite quotes of the researcher from the book that could fit in the research.



7. The Conclusion is a good place to give suggestions how one can take action or change one’s ideas based on the issues discussed in the research.



8. A Researcher should give his/her own opinion in the Research.



9. A Researcher should explain why he/she feels the stated way about the text/topic, referring to the ideas in the research.



10. A good Conclusion could be just one line.                     



11. A Conclusion should use the key words from the Research.



12. According to David Bunton, A well written conclusion should not –

 Present the last word on the issues you raised in your paper.

 Summarize the Research.

 Ignore the importance of the Researcher’s ideas.

 Introduce the new ways or expanded ways of thinking on the issue.

13. A Good Conclusion will refer to the objectives of the research to bring the research to a clear end.



14. A Good Conclusion should not be:





15. While drawing conclusion, the method used should be :



 Both the methods

 None of the Methods

16. A Researcher should avoid which of the following things while writing a conclusion:

 Unnecessary information

 Ignoring the negative results

 Providing a clear summary

 It should match with the objectives

17. According to Martyn Shuttleworth, a research should draw conclusion on the basis of which of the following points:

 Learning that has been done in the Research

 Evaluation of the Flaws

 Benefits of the Research

 All the above

18. The most important role played by a good Conclusion is:

 It generates the aspects for future research.

 It does not summarise the research.

 It is not a blue-print of the research.

 It does not pave way for new research.

19. A conclusion should:

 Not convey the last words.

 Not identify how a gap has been addressed in literature.

 Not give importance to the researcher’s ideas.

 None of the above

20. In  conclusion, a researcher cannot:

 Add new ideas that did not fit in research.

 Use Key words.

 Give his own opinion.

 Summarize his research.

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