UGC guidelines for PhD course work exemption 2024

A Ph.D. involves several years of independent research. It involves passing coursework, defending the Research synopsis, submitting semesters progress reports, writing research reports, and writing and submitting the thesis. Many universities in India require Ph.D. applicants to clear an entrance examination. After the admission process, the candidates have to complete coursework of duration six to … Read more

UGC latest Regulations for PhD

UGC latest Regulations for award of PhD

UGC has drafted the latest minimum standards and procedures (UGC PhD regulations 2022) to award a PhD degree. These latest UGC regulations replace Regulation, 2016 and its two amendments: (1st amendment ) Regulations, 2018 dated the 27th of August 2018, and (2nd amendment) Regulations, 2018 dated 16th of October 2018. Latest Regulation from UGC: PhD … Read more

UGC Eligibility criteria to be a Research Supervisor

UGC Eligibility criteria to be a Research Supervisor

UGC has written many rules and regulations in its UGC Ph.D. regulations, 2022 related to the Eligibility criteria to be a Research Supervisor, CoSupervisor, Number of Ph.D. scholars permissible per Supervisor, etc. Eligibility criteria to be a Research Supervisor According to UGC, Any regular Professor/Associate Professor of the University/ College, with at least fiveresearch publications … Read more

UGC eligibility for Professor: Download PDF

UGC eligibility for Professor

In this blog post, We will be talking about the UGC eligibility for Professor. For reference purposes, a PDF is also provided. OR  An outstanding professional with a Ph.D. in relevant/allied/applied disciplines from academics/research institutions/industries, who has made significant contributions to the knowledge in the concerned/allied/relevant discipline to be substantiated with documentary evidence. Reference:

UGC Associate Professor eligibility PDF

UGC guidelines for the appointment of an Associate Professor

If you are looking for eligibility for Associate Professor, then you are at the right place. This blog post aims to provide the UGC guidelines for the appointment of an Associate Professor through direct recruitment and under promotion. Moreover, you can also download the complete UGC notification PDF from the link given below. UGC Associate … Read more

UGC assistant professor eligibility/ selection criteria 2024 PDF

UGC assistant professor eligibility in 2024: This blog post aims to provide the aspirants with the minimum qualifications required for the post of Assistant Professors. Moreover, the UGC API score table for assistant professor 2022 is also provided. Also, see UGC guidelines for Ph.D. thesis submission UGC assistant professor eligibility Selection Committee for Assistant Professor … Read more

UGC CARE List of journals: Download Excel

Download the latest UGC CARE List of journals in excel format. The percentage of research papers published in low-quality journals is reported to be high in India, which has adversely affected its image. UGC CARE list is created with an intention for the purpose of various academic evaluations of institutions and individuals. We visited the … Read more

UGC guidelines for the award of PhD

PhD is considered the highest degree in India. If you are looking for rules and regulations for PhD Thesis Submission, you are at the right place.  Here we have provided a list of rules and regulations one must fulfill prior to submitting the PhD Thesis. List of 11 criteria as per UGC (minimum standard and … Read more

UGC guidelines for plagiarism | Levels of plagiarism as per UGC regulation 2018

UGC guidelines for plagiarism

This blog post aims to provide details regarding UGC guidelines for plagiarism. UGC REGULATIONS, 2018 for PROMOTION OF ACADEMIC INTEGRITY AND PREVENTION OF PLAGIARISM IN HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS The following rules related to Plagiarism shall apply to the students, faculty, researchers and staff of all Higher Educational Institutions in the country. Objectives To create awareness … Read more

How to complain against a university to UGC in India?

The UGC has taken a very important step to listen to the problems of the students in a very transparent way using its newly designed Portal.  To lodge a complaint against a university, follow the following steps: 1. Go to the link: 2. Click on Student Corner. 3. Here you need to register first and … Read more