UGC regulations for part time PhD

According to the UGC PhD Regulations 2022, Ph.D. programmes through part-time mode are valid and permitted, provided all the conditions stipulated in the Regulations are fulfilled.

Anyone who is doing a job can pursue a part-time PhD. The Higher Educational Institution concerned shall obtain a “No Objection Certificate” through the candidate for a part-time Ph.D. programme from the appropriate authority in the organization where the candidate is employed, clearly stating that:

  1. The candidate is permitted to pursue studies on a part-time basis.
  2. His/her official duties permit him/her to devote sufficient time to research.
  3. If required, he/she will be relieved from the duty to complete the coursework.

Note: No Higher Educational Institution or research institution in India shall conduct Ph.D. programmes through distance and/or online mode.

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UGC Clarification on Part-Time and Full Time PhD

According to the UGC, the PhD must be in regular mode. PhD. degrees that are pursued either full-time or part-time will be treated as degrees awarded through Regular Mode.

However, the PhD. acquired under distance mode is not permitted.

Part-time PhD also allows the scholar to do the job along with the PhD. In a Full-time PhD, researchers have to embark full-time on the PhD.

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Is a part-time PhD eligible for the assistant professor?

Yes, a part-time PhD in India is valid and the candidate holding PhD either full-time or part-time is eligible for the Assistant Professor post.

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