UGC guidelines for PhD course work exemption 2024

A Ph.D. involves several years of independent research. It involves passing coursework, defending the Research synopsis, submitting semesters progress reports, writing research reports, and writing and submitting the thesis.

Many universities in India require Ph.D. applicants to clear an entrance examination. After the admission process, the candidates have to complete coursework of duration six to 12 months. The time duration of coursework varies from university to university.

All the candidates admitted to the Ph.D. programme have to complete their Ph.D. Course Work. However, there is also a provision for Ph.D. Course Work exemption. Candidates already holding a Mphill degree or have already completed coursework in the past are exempted from Ph.D. Course Work.

For seeking a Ph.D. coursework exemption, the candidate has to submit proof of passing the Mphill/ Course Work certificate.

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UGC guidelines for PhD course work exemption

Candidates may be exempted by the Department from the Ph.D. Course work who have:

  • already holding M.Phil. degree, or
  • those who have already completed the coursework in M.Phil. and have been permitted to proceed
    to the Ph.D. in an integrated course

The decision to grant the coursework exemption will be taken by the Institute.

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