UGC guidelines for PhD course work exemption 2024

A Ph.D. involves several years of independent research. It involves passing coursework, defending the Research synopsis, submitting semesters progress reports, writing research reports, and writing and submitting the thesis.

Many universities in India require Ph.D. applicants to clear an entrance examination. After the admission process, the candidates have to complete coursework of duration six to 12 months. The time duration of coursework varies from university to university.

All the candidates admitted to the Ph.D. programme have to complete their Ph.D. Course Work. However, there is also a provision for Ph.D. Course Work exemption. Candidates already holding a Mphill degree or have already completed coursework in the past are exempted from Ph.D. Course Work.

For seeking a Ph.D. coursework exemption, the candidate has to submit proof of passing the Mphill/ Course Work certificate.

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UGC guidelines for PhD course work exemption

Candidates may be exempted by the Department from the Ph.D. Course work who have:

  • already holding M.Phil. degree, or
  • those who have already completed the coursework in M.Phil. in the past and have been permitted to proceed
    to the Ph.D. in an integrated course

The decision to grant the coursework exemption will be taken by the Institute.

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6 thoughts on “UGC guidelines for PhD course work exemption 2024”

  1. I’m a Indian.I have registered for PhD in management in the year 2016 and passed course work examination in 2017. But unfortunately, in 2023, March. My PhD registration was cancelled because of not applying for extension before prescribed date. Now, in may 2024. Again, I have written PhD entrance examination and cleared in same University and successfully got admission and registration in the same department. Now, is it necessary to attend or undergo the course work? Or else can I exemption from the course work. Please do suggest or provide me supporting document or ugc guidelines copy regarding above matter

    • In your situation, it is better to consult the guidelines of your university. Also, you must reach to the authority / concerned department of your university for the same. UGC provides guidelines / provisions for PhD course work exemption. However, Universities have some autonomy in implementing these guidelines.

          • Sir, first of all thanks for this information. I have searched a lot regarding the exemption for M.Phil. holders in coursework whose Ph.D. admissions are in correspondence to the UGC regulations, 2022 but have not found any notice/circular/order or any other related to this issue specifically.
            Coincidentally, I got a pdf of Tezpur University, Assam where these regulations were accepted in June 2023 and they mentioned in there that such M.Phil. degree holders may be exempted from the coursework on recommendation by the RAC with condition that the M.Phil. degree should have been completed before the date of issuance of the UGC regulations in the gazette notification which is 07/07/2022.
            So I was asking is there any clarification/rule/advice issued by the UGC in this matter? If yes, then kindly share the same.
            Also if the Institute/University has not mentioned anything clearly in this regard in the advertisement of Ph.D. admission then can the student has anything to do in this matter so that she/he can get the exemption?
            Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance 🙏

  2. Dear Tushar,
    UGC has said twice in the 2016 regulations and in the 2022 regulations that “Candidates already holding M.Phil. degree and admitted to the Ph.D. programme, or those who have already completed the course work in M.Phil. and have been permitted to proceed to the Ph.D. in an integrated course, may be exempted by the Department from the Ph.D. course work.” You can check the both of these regulations.

    Generally MPhil holders might be exempt, but it’s not guaranteed. The university decides.


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