Steps to writing a research proposal for PhD/ Post Doc

writing a research proposal

If you are looking for assistance in writing a research proposal, then you are at the right place. In this blog post, we will be sharing the steps required to write a good research proposal for PhD or Post Doc. Moreover, you will also be able to download the samples of research proposals. Also read … Read more

Research Proposal MCQs with answers PDF

In this blog post, 20 Research Proposal MCQs with answers are given. Before solving MCQs, lets understand “What is a Research Proposal“? Research Proposal A Research Proposal gives a systematic description of what exactly is the research problem that needs to be studied. While designing a research proposal, one needs to demonstrate his knowledge about … Read more

Solved MCQ on legal Reasoning in Research

Legal reasoning in Research as a concept is a process of thinking which helps a researcher to come to decision relating to law. In this post, 20 MCQs on Legal Reasoning in Research Methodology are posted. Solved Multiple Choice Questions on legal Reasoning 1. Decisions based on a logically correct conclusion shall always be  Correct  … Read more