PhD thesis evaluation report sample | Download external examiner report sample

In this blog post, you will be able to download the PhD thesis evaluation report sample.

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PhD thesis evaluation report sample


 Summary of Examiners Report

A summary in this format should accompany the examiner’s full report to the Research Committee. Criteria to be used as the basis of recommendations and advice on the format of your report are provided in separate guidelines. Written reports are required to be 1-2 pages in length. Reasons for recommendation 4 and 5 should stand scrutiny in an appeal process.

Name of Candidate:

Title of Thesis:



Recommendation 1   The thesis be classified as PASSED with no requirement for correction or amendment and the candidate be awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Recommendation 2   The thesis be classified as PASSED SUBJECT TO MINOR AMENDMENTS or SPECIFIC AMENDMENTS being made to the satisfaction of the Research Committee, without further examination. The candidate must make minor textual corrections or rewrite specific sections of the thesis as recommended by the examiner/s also during the oral defence.

Recommendation 3   The thesis be classified as DEFERRED FOR MAJOR REVISION and re-submitted for completion of the examination following revision and/ or extra work as recommended by the examiner/s. The thesis will need to be re-examined. Please indicate if you would be prepared to re-examine it.

I am prepared to re-examine this thesis if it is re-submitted within 12 months.

I am not prepared to re-examine this thesis.

Recommendation 4   The thesis be classified as FAILED and the candidates NOT be awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and NOT be permitted to revise and resubmit the thesis for re-examination.


If you believe it is merited, please tick one box only:

The thesis of the highest merit and at the forefront internationally in its field

            The thesis is strongly competitive at international level

The candidate’s thesis will be considered as an example of outstanding work when either box is checked.


Place:                                                                           Signature of the Examiner

Format of PhD Thesis

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