UGC guidelines for PhD course work exemption 2024

A Ph.D. involves several years of independent research. It involves passing coursework, defending the Research synopsis, submitting semesters progress reports, writing research reports, and writing and submitting the thesis. Many universities in India require Ph.D. applicants to clear an entrance examination. After the admission process, the candidates have to complete coursework of duration six to … Read more

Tips to finish a PhD degree fast and easy

finish a PhD degree fast and easy

This blog post of PhDTalks lists the important tips required to finish a PhD faster and easily. These PhD tips are implemented in almost all subject categories. To complete a PhD fast, a researcher needs to put in a lot of effort and time. He should diligently plan his work before. Working along with supervisors … Read more

PhD migration from one university to another university

Yes, you can migrate your Ph.D. from one university to another university. The following are the requirements for the  migration process: After all the above formalities, there will be a presentation at the new university regarding your research plan. At the new university, you will be exempted from the coursework. For any doubt, comment below: