Difference between research paper and thesis: Easy points

difference between research paper and thesis

In this blog post, we will explain the research paper, thesis, and the difference between a research paper and a thesis in easy steps. Many new researchers are confused about these terms: research paper, synopsis, and thesis. When I started my Ph.D., I was also in the same state. It has been a long time … Read more

MCQ on Thesis & Synopsis Writing

Thesis Writing MCQ: In this blog post (MCQ on Thesis & Synopsis Writing), we have written important Multiple Choice Questions on Thesis and Synopsis Writing. These MCQs with answers will help you to understand the concept of Thesis and Synopsis Writing. Quiz on Thesis and Synopsis Writing 1. The length of the synopsis may vary- … Read more

UGC guidelines for PhD thesis format

UGC guidelines for PhD thesis format. Thesis, also known as a dissertation.  The thesis may include total pages ranging from 120 to 250. However, the range may vary from one subject to another. In this blog post, we are discussing a very basic format for PhD Thesis. The PhD Thesis starts from a front page (title … Read more