MCQ on Thesis & Synopsis Writing

Thesis Writing MCQ: In this blog post (MCQ on Thesis & Synopsis Writing), we have written important Multiple Choice Questions on Thesis and Synopsis Writing.

These MCQs with answers will help you to understand the concept of Thesis and Synopsis Writing.

Quiz on Thesis and Synopsis Writing

1. The length of the synopsis may vary-

 Depending on the requirement of individual institutional guidelines

 As per the Standard trend

 As per the instructions of the supervisor

 All of the above

2. Title of a thesis must be the same as-

 The title of your synopsis

 Any of previous work in the same field

 Any of the previous work in another field

 None of these

3. The synopsis should cover-




 All of the above

4. A least important part of the synopsis-

 Literature review


 Aims and objective

 5. The rationale of the study

A thesis should have elaborated-


 Results and discussions


 All of these

6. What can be the best source of literature survey-

 SCI-indexed Journals



 Old thesis

7. The detailed methodology should be written in thesis –





8. Results of the study can be presented in the form of-

 Tabular form

 Graphical form

 Both 1 and 2

9. Discussions should be supported by –

 Previous study

 Supporting and contradictory references

 Both 1 and 2

 None of these

10. Which of the following statement is not true-

 Results and discussions follow materials and methods

 Both results and discussions can be written separately

 References should be the latest one, preferably

 You can criticize any previous study if it contrasts yours

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