Understanding Research & Publication Ethics through MCQ

Research and Publication Ethics: In this blog post (MCQ on Research & Publication Ethics), you will understand Research ethics through various MCQs. Topics Covered: Literature Review, Review Paper Writing, Writing a Research article, etc; MCQs on Research & Publication Ethics 1. In the Literature review, systematic reorganization and reshuffling of the information to develop knowledge/ … Read more

MCQ on Thesis & Synopsis Writing

Thesis Writing MCQ: In this blog post (MCQ on Thesis & Synopsis Writing), we have written important Multiple Choice Questions on Thesis and Synopsis Writing. These MCQs with answers will help you to understand the concept of Thesis and Synopsis Writing. Quiz on Thesis and Synopsis Writing 1. The length of the synopsis may vary- … Read more

Academic Writing MCQ (Questions) with answers

Academic Writing MCQ (Multiple Choice Question): In this blog post (Academic Writing Quiz), we have written important multiple-choice questions on Academic writing. These Writing Skills MCQs are very important to researchers to improve their writing skills. Academic Writing MCQ with answers 1.  Which is the most important and of having the most weightage among the … Read more

30 MCQs with answers on plagiarism

Plagiarism is a method of copying someone’s else work in your research work without the proper consent of the author of the original work. Here in this blog post, we have provided 30 MCQs with answers on Plagiarism. 1. The act of presenting someone else’s work or idea as own is considered as  Plagiarism  Academic … Read more