Understanding Primary Sources of Information by MCQs

A total of 10 MCQs on Primary sources of information are provided. Primary sources of information serve as original sources of information about the topic. Primary Sources of information examples photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, and films.  journals, letters, and diaries constitutions, statutes, cases, and regulations Primary sources of information MCQs Information sources can be … Read more

MCQs on journal metrics/ author metrics

If you are looking for multiple-choice questions on research methodology and the related fields, then you are at the right place. We have shared so many research-related MCQs in PhDtalks. This blog post aims to provide MCQs on journal metrics/ author metrics. More MCQs on research MCQs on journal metrics 1) The impact factor is … Read more

MCQ on Thesis & Synopsis Writing

Thesis Writing MCQ: In this blog post (MCQ on Thesis & Synopsis Writing), we have written important Multiple Choice Questions on Thesis and Synopsis Writing. These MCQs with answers will help you to understand the concept of Thesis and Synopsis Writing. Quiz on Thesis and Synopsis Writing 1. The length of the synopsis may vary- … Read more