How to write a scientific review paper

write a scientific review paper

This blog post aims to guide early-career researchers on how they can write a scientific review paper in a better way. We will also be providing a general format for a scientific review paper. Moreover, we will provide a list of sample review papers published in top impact factor journals. And at the end of … Read more

Download Research Paper Format IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, all

Research Paper Format

Research paper template doc/ latex/ pdf: Download research paper format (research paper template doc/ pdf file) of IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, Taylor and Francis, other publishers. Researchers put a lot of effort into writing a research paper. For a research paper to be of high quality, content along with its format is important. Research paper formatting … Read more

Tips for publishing in high impact factor journals

publishing in high impact factor journals

Many researchers aim for publishing their research papers in high-impact journals. The journals with an impact factor of more than 5 or above 10 (varies according to the subject category) are considered high-impact journals. Researchers usually target publishing in high-impact factor journals as this will be helpful in obtaining scholarships, securing jobs, and recognition. Nowadays, … Read more

How to write and publish a research paper for journal publication?

write and publish a research-paper

Writing and publishing a research paper is an art that you need to learn. It is very easy to write and publish research papers in reputed journals such as publishing in Springer, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis Journals, etc; You just need to know the basic points that we are going to discuss in this post. … Read more

Understanding Research & Publication Ethics through MCQ

Research and Publication Ethics: In this blog post (MCQ on Research & Publication Ethics), you will understand Research ethics through various MCQs. Topics Covered: Literature Review, Review Paper Writing, Writing a Research article, etc; MCQs on Research & Publication Ethics 1. In the Literature review, systematic reorganization and reshuffling of the information to develop knowledge/ … Read more