How to write a scientific review paper

write a scientific review paper

This blog post aims to guide early-career researchers on how they can write a scientific review paper in a better way. We will also be providing a general format for a scientific review paper. Moreover, we will provide a list of sample review papers published in top impact factor journals. And at the end of … Read more

Understanding Research & Publication Ethics through MCQ

Research and Publication Ethics: In this blog post (MCQ on Research & Publication Ethics), you will understand Research ethics through various MCQs. Topics Covered: Literature Review, Review Paper Writing, Writing a Research article, etc; MCQs on Research & Publication Ethics 1. In the Literature review, systematic reorganization and reshuffling of the information to develop knowledge/ … Read more

Top 20 MCQs on literature review with answers

MCQs on literature review: The primary purpose of literature review is to facilitate detailed background of the previous studies to the readers on the topic of research. In this blog post, we have published 20 MCQs on Literature Review (Literature Review in Research) with answers. 20 Multiple Choice Questions on Literature Review 1. Literature is … Read more