Basic and Important terms in Computer Science

Software Framework vs Library The possible answer to this question, if asked, will be “Framework is a collection of various libraries”. However, this definition is not entirely true. Library  A library provides a set of helper functions/objects/modules which your application code calls for specific functionality. Framework  Framework, on the other hand has defined open or … Read more

Discrete Structures for the ugc net and gate

Detailed Syllabus for Discrete Mathematics 1.         Proposition Logic: Implication, Equivalence, Bidirectional, Converse, Inverse, Contra positive. Rules of Inference (modus poners, modus tollens, hypothetical syllogism, disjunctive syllogism). Precedence of logic operators. Quantifiers, negation of quantifier, skolemization. Horn clause, Definite clause, Goal clause. Duality. Vacuous proof, Trivial Proof, Direct Proof, Indirect Proof. Set, Relation, … Read more