Computer science journals list with impact factor

Publish your research in computer science journals that have good impact factors. The Impact Factor is an annual ranking report generated by Clarivate every year. It measures the importance of a journal.

This blog post will be providing a list of 50 computer science journals with their impact factors.

List of computer science journals’ impact factor

S. No.JournalSJR/ QuartileImpact FactorPublisher
1Nature Biomedical Engineering5.961 Q125.671Springer Nature
2Science Robotics5.619 Q123.748American Association for the Advancement of Science
3MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems5.283 Q17.967University of Minnesota
4Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Molecular Science5.126 Q125.11Wiley-Blackwell
5Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication4.150 Q15.41Wiley-Blackwell
6Operations Research3.797 Q13.31Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
7Journal of Operations Management3.649 Q16.97Wiley-Blackwell
8Bioinformatics3.599 Q16.937Oxford University Press
9npj Computational Materials3.488 Q112.241Springer Nature
10IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control3.436 Q15.792IEEE
11IEEE Wireless Communications3.216 Q111.979IEEE
12Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies3.185 Q18.089Elsevier
13Internet and Higher Education3.143 Q17.178Elsevier
14IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics3.109 Q111.448IEEE
15Journal of Management Information Systems3.073 Q17.838Taylor & Francis
16ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing2.960 Q18.979Elsevier
17GigaScience2.947 Q16.524Oxford University Press
18mSystems2.931 Q16.496American Society for Microbiology
19IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems2.882 Q18.793IEEE
20IEEE Communications Magazine2.823 Q19.619IEEE
21Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering2.773 Q111.775Wiley
22Scientific data2.565 Q16.444Springer Nature
23Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering2.530 Q16.756Elsevier
24IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics2.496 Q110.215IEEE
25IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics2.393 Q18.236IEEE
26IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging2.322 Q110.048IEEE
27Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing2.275 Q16.823Elsevier
28IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems2.261 Q113.451IEEE
29Big Data and Society2.244 Q15.987SAGE
30Network Neuroscience2.128 Q14.625MIT Press
31IEEE Internet of Things Journal2.075 Q19.471IEEE
32IEEE Transactions on Robotics2.027 Q15.567IEEE
33IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications2.010 Q17.016IEEE
34Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation2.001 Q16.006American Chemical Society
35Computers and Geotechnics1.970 Q14.956Elsevier
36Social Media and Society1.941 Q14.249SAGE
37IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics1.935 Q15.303IEEE
38Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal1.908 Q17.271Research Network of Computational and Structural Biotechnology
39Journal of Computational Physics1.882 Q13.553Elsevier
40Journal of the Association for Information Systems1.877 Q15.149Association for Information Systems
41npj Systems Biology and Applications1.752 Q14.187Springer Nature
42Journal of Materials Processing Technology1.736 Q15.551Elsevier
43Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems1.658 Q16.163Elsevier
44International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education1.642 Q14.944Springer Nature
45Mathematics of Operations Research1.619 Q12.008Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
46Computer Assisted Language Learning1.614 Q14.789Taylor & Francis
47Journal of Informetrics1.605 Q15.107Elsevier
48IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems1.591 Q16.492IEEE
49Language Learning and Technology1.585 Q14.313University of Hawaii Press
50Journal of Computer Assisted Learning1.583 Q13.862Wiley-Blackwell
List of computer science journals’ impact factor

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