30 Sociology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Sociology Multiple Choice Questions: If you are looking for MCQs on Sociology, then you are at the right place. Solve below Sociology questions and answers. Sociology is an analysis of evidence about social life. In this blog post, we have listed important Sociology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers – Introduction to Sociology. Sociology multiple-choice questions … Read more

MCQ on Citation and Referencing in Research

 Attribution of other’s intellectual work  Attribution of own intellectual work  Attribution of corporate intellectual outcomes  All of these Accepted Answers: Attribution of other’s intellectual work 2. The citation manual published by Aspen Publisher which is known as alternative to other manuals useful for law subject is –  APA  MLA  ALWD  Blue Book Accepted Answers: ALWD … Read more

JKSSB Question Paper: 4th Class solved paper 2021(Paper 1)

The JKSSB 4th class exam was conducted on 27th of February, 28th of February, 01 March (2021). We have uploaded the JKSSB 4th class solved papers on our website. In this post, we have uploaded the question paper with answer which was held on 27 February, 2021. Link of the question paper which was held … Read more

Data Science multiple choice questions and answers

Data Science is a very hot topic these days. If you are looking for MCQs on Data Science, then you are in the right place. 20 Data science MCQs are provided below. If you want Data Science multiple choice questions and answers pdf, comment below. Data Science MCQs A method used to make vector of … Read more

Sociology MCQ questions: Environmental Sociology

Multiple Choice Questions on Sociology Which of the following correspond to the first wave of environmentalism as per Ramachandra Guha’s framework of global environmentalism? Initial response to onset of industrialisation Public and political support to response to industrialisation Rising discontent against pollution in America All of the above ‘Idea of scientific conservation’ is considered as … Read more

Human Behavior Multiple Choice Question

If you want to teach your dog to ring the doorbell with her nose, you should a. be very careful to reinforce only button-pushing responses. b. reinforce her any time anybody rings the doorbell. c. probably use the shaping technique. d. punish her any time she moves away from the door. Answer: probably use the shaping technique. To prevent … Read more