Candidate declaration format for PhD Thesis/ Synopsis

Your Candidate Declaration page for PhD Thesis or Synopsis will be looked like below: CANDIDATE’S DECLARATION I hereby declare that the work which is being presented in the synopsis/ Thesis, entitled “Design A Hybrid Approach For Web Recommendation Using Semantic Annotation”, in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of Doctor … Read more

MCQ on Citation and Referencing in Research

Citation and Referencing in Research Quiz The objective of citation style manuals is –  Attribution of other’s intellectual work  Attribution of own intellectual work  Attribution of corporate intellectual outcomes  All of these Accepted Answers: Attribution of other’s intellectual work 2. The citation manual published by Aspen Publisher which is known as alternative to other manuals … Read more

PhD in Computer Science. Admission, Eligibility, Fellowship, University

PhD: PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. One must possess a bachelor degree to pursue a PhD, however most of the institutes prefer a master degree for the program. The degree usually takes 4- 5 years to complete. Like in India, many other countries also want their university not to allow Scholars to complete PhD … Read more