JKSSB Previous Question Paper: 4th Class solved paper 2021(Paper 3)

The JKSSB 4th class exam was conducted on 27th of February, 28th of February and 01 March (2021). We have uploaded all the JKSSB 4th class solved papers on our website.

In this post, we have uploaded the question paper with answer which was held on 01 March, 2021.

Link of the question paper which was held on 27 February.

Link of the question paper which was held on 28 February.

About Question Paper (JKSSB 4th Class, 01 March)

The question paper contains 4 sections and total 100 questions.

SectionNumber of Question
Basic Mathematics20
Basic Reasoning20
Basic English20
General Awareness and Science40

JKSSB Question Paper (4th Class) (Questions 1-100)

Section 1 – Basic Mathematics

1) Two numbers are respectively 14% and 23% less than a third number. The second number is  approximately what percentage of the first number?

A) 70

B) 75

C) 😯

D) 90

2) A is twice as fast an B in doing a job that can be completed in 24 days if A and B work together. How many days will take A to complete the job done?

A) 24 days

B) 36 days

C) 72 days

D) 96 days

3) A sum of money is to be divided among 3 men AB and on the ratio 2:5:7. If C gets Rs 400 more than B. then  what is the share of B?

A) 400

B) 600

C) 1000

D) 1400

4) Machines A and B Produce 8000 clips in 4 hours and 5 hours respectively. If they work alternately for 1 hour, B starting first, then in how many hours 8000 clips will be produced?

A) 4hours

B) 4.5 hours

C) 5 hours

D) 6.5 hours

5) An alloy contains copper and zinc in the ratio 9:4. If the amount of copper present in the alloy is 24kg, then what is the amount of zinc present in the alloy?

A) 9kg

B) 9.67kg

C) 10.33kg

D) 10.67kg

6) In a mess, there were 40 inmates.  As 5 more have joined, the average expenses were decreased by Rs 1, but the total expenses increased by Rs 55. What was the total initial expense of the mess?

A) 448

B) 800

C) 880

D) 920

7) A Team of 4 musicians is to be chosen at random out of 3 boys, 2 girls and 4 children. The chance that exactly two of them will be children is

A) 10/21

B) 4/9

C) 3/43

D) 1

8) A courtyard is 15 meters long and 10 metres wide. If it is paved by bricks of length 20 cm and width 10 cm, then what is the number of bricks required?

A) 4500

B) 6000

C) 7500

D) 9000

9) What percent is equal to the Fraction 7/8?

A) 64.2%

B) 70%

C) 75%

D) 87.5%

10) A Car covers one-fourth of a distance at a speed of 1OOkm/hr, half of the remaining distance at a speed of 60 km/hr and the remaining distance at a speed of 100 km/hr.  If the total time taken to complete the journey is 10 hours, then what is the average speed of the Car?

A) 80km/hr

B) 72 km/hr

C) 75 km/hr

D) 64 km/hr

11) The average marks of 25 students in physics was 20. The average man of the first 12 students was 16 and that of the last 12 students was 24, what was the marks scored by the 13 student?

A) 16

B) 18

C) 20

D) 22

12) A parallelogram has sides of 5 cm and 4 cm. if the distance between the longer sides is 2 cm, then what is the distance between the shorter sides?

A) 2.5 cm

B) 3.0 cm

C) 3.5 cm

D) 5.0 cm

13) 6 years ago, Mahima’s mother was 3 times as old as an Mahima.  After 5 years, she will be twice as old as Mahima. Present age (in years) of Mahima’s mother is

A) 44

B) 41

C) 39

D) 17

14) While shuffling a pack of 52 playing cards, 2 cards are accidentally dropped. What the probability that the missing cards are of different colors?

A) 29/52

B) 1/2

C) 26/51

D) 29/51

15) The average age of father, mother, son and daughter is 16 years. Father is 5 times as old as the son and mother is 6 times as old as the daughter. After 3 years from now, mother will be thrice as old as the son. What the present age of the father?

A) 50 years

B) 45 years

C) 35 years

D) 30 years

16) If a person completes 3/4th of the work in 9 days then how long will he take to complete the remaining portion of the work?

A) 2 days

B) 3 days

C) 4 days

D) 6 days

17) if the perimeter of a sector of a circle of radius 5.7 cm is 27.2 cm, then the area of the sector is

A) 45.03 cm2

B) 25.02 cm2

C) 30.12 cm2

D) 14.23 cm2

18) if the numerator of a fraction is increased by 10% and its denominator is decreased by 20%, then the value of the fraction becomes  55/48.Which is the original fraction?

A) 61/39

B) 62/39

C) 13/17

D) 25/30

19) HCF of the largest one digit odd number and the smallest prime number is

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3


20) A card is drawn at random from well shuffled standard deck of 52 cards. What is the probability of getting either a heart or a diamond?

A) 7/16

B) 1/2

C) 3/13

D) 1/4

Section 2 – Basic Reasoning

21) S and R both started from the same point and in the same direction. S tuned to her left and R to his right. S waked for 5 km in the direction in which she turned and on the other side R stopped for sometime and then walked for only 3 km. Then S turned to her left and R to his right. Then they walked 15 km and 9 km ahead respectively, What is the minimum distance between S and R?

A) 8 km

B) 10 km

C) 12 km

D) 15 km

22) Directions in the following diagram, there are 3 intersecting circles showing 3 different classes, one showing those candidates who are educated in computers, second showing those who know rules and regulations of office and third showing graduates. Each part of the diagram is represented by an alphabet.

Which alphabet represents those candidates who are educated in computers, know rules and regulations of office but are not graduates?

А) b

B) c

C) d

D) f

23) X is the brother of Y and son of Z. Z is the husband of W son of M and brother of S. Based on the Information given, who can be the brother-in-law in the group?

A) X

 B) S

C) W

D) M

24) Radha and Rahul have two children Diya and Simmi. Divya got married to Anuj who is the son of  Madhu and Ramu.  Reshma is the daughter of  Anuj, Anuj’s sister Suma got Married to Subodh and Tarun and Aman are their sons. Tarun is the grandson of Madhu and Ramu. How is Divya Related to Suma?

A) Aunt

B) Grandmother

C) Sister-in-law

D) Sister

25) Kavya is the daughter of Piyali’s father-in-law’s only son Mahesh. How is Piyali related to Kavya?

A) Brother

B) Son

C) Mother

D) Father

26) Select the alternative that will replace the question mark in the analogy

Tea: Cup:: Water: ?

A) Tank

B) Drink

C) Liquid

D) Wood

27) In this question, out of the 4 figures, 3 are similar a certain manner, However, 1 figure is NOT like the other 3. Select the figure which is different from the rest.

Answer: A

28) What number would come next in series?

57, 57, 46 46, 35,..

A) 12

B) 35

C) 19

D) 29

29) As  per the code represented below, what is the coded string of WORLD?

A) hmeco

B) hneco

C) homeo

D) hxeco

30) What number should come next in this series?

0,6,20, 42, 72, ____

A) 110

B) 90

C) 92

D) 87

31) Select the alternative that will make the second pair analogous to the first pair given as:

Vertebrate : Frog : Invertebrate:____________

A) Mealworm

B) Batoids

C) Shark

D) Whale

32) As per the code represented below, what is the coded string of DELIBERATION?

A) aammokrstbyz

 B) ceQnmoppQxz

C) oabkmopqqszz


33) Which of thr following figures will complete the figural series given below?

Answer: A

34) In this question, out of the 4 figures, 3 are similar in a certain manner However, 1 figure is NOT like the other 3, Which of the figures is different from the rest?

A) a

B) b

C) c

D) d

35 Which of the following figures completes the figure given below?

Answer: A

36) NA

37) In a certain code, if MANAGE coded as GICPCO then how is STRIVE coded in that code?





38) R starts walking North After a while he turns to his right and continues walking. Then he turns left and continues walking. Finally after walking a distance of 1 km. he turns to his left again in which direction is he walking?

A) North

B) South

C) East

D) West

39) What number should come next in this series?

3. 21, 42, 294.

A) 586

B) 2088

C) 1818

D) 1991

40) Ramesh pushes his hand cart 50 metres South from the Market. He then takes a u-turn and pushes his cart for 25 metres. Ramesh then takes a right turn and pushes the cart 30 meters further. In which direction is Ramesh from the Marker?

A) North-east

 B) South-east

 C) Northwest

 D) South-west

Section 3 – Basic English

41) Fill in the blanks with the correct option

___________________ children enjoyed the stories of gods and goddesses of Greek mythology

A) An

B) A

C)  The

D) No Article

42) Fill in the blanks with the correct option:

Kids twelve and ________ can watch this movie.

A) of

B) with

C) on

D) above

43) Choose the antonym of the underlined word:

There is a dearth of skilled workers in this area

A) shortage

B) playfulness

C) scarcity

D) paucity

44) Choose the antonym of the underlined word

There is a very enticing dale in Rajasthan.

A) dingle

B) de

C) glen

D) hill

45) Identify the synonym of the underlined word

Tourism brings in 50% of the island’s invisible earnings

A) Suitable

B) Unseen

C) Comfortable

D) incredible

46) Fill in the blank

She had__________ small supporting Part in______ play

A) The, an

B) No Article, an

C) an,No Articie

D) a, the

47) Fill in the blanks with the correct option

Its _________time that you accepted your mistake

A) in

B) about

C) off

D) above

48) Identity the synonym of the Italicised word:

The Vatranas are looking for a little room in the mall, where they won’t be accessible to their friends

A) Applicable

B) Reachable

C) Amicable

D) Comparable

49) Chose the word that is spelt correctly and fill the blanks

Teaching is an ___________ profession

A) honorarry

B) hounorary

C)  honorablle

D)  honourable

Questions 50-54 :

NA (Passage)

55) Identify the imperative sentence

A) Will you have a little more tea?

B) Bring me a glass of milk

C) The boys made a noise.

D) A thing of beauty is a joy forever

56) Fill in the blanks with the correct option:

Even as a child i never liked going to _________ place

A) These

B)  An

C) The

D) That

57) Select the word that best fits the link in the follow sentence.

I like many of the jokes he makes from time to time, but not _________ of them are good

 A) all

B) more

C) much

D) one

58) Fill in the blanks with the correct option:

His anger ___________ as the situation became clear

A) dissipated

B) dissipate

C) dissipating

D) dissipates

59) Chose the word that is spelt correctly and fill the blanks

I ___________ that he was going abroad

A) new

B) kniew

C) kneiw

D)  knew

60) Fill in the blanks with the correct option:

She____________ a confident and a practiced speaker who always ________ the audience

A) is : impress

B) is : impressing

C) is: impresses

D) were ; impresses

Section 4 – General Awareness and Science

61) This is one of the world’s highest green golf courses, situated at an altitude of 2,650 m above sea level, and it was established by Sir Neville Chamberlain. Which of the following options is being referred to ?

A) Jammu Tawi Golf Course

 B) Army Dhruva Golf

C)  Gulmarg Golf Course

D) Royal Spring Golf Course

62) Mangrove vegetation prevalent in which of the following states is the highest in India?

A) Andhra Pradesh

B) Gujarat

C) Odisha

 D) West Bengal

63) The heat received by a person sitting in front of a fire is due to which of the following mode(s) of heat transfer?

(i) Conduction

(ii) Convection

(iii) Radiation

A) Only (i) and (iii)

B) (ii) only

C) (iii) only

D) Only (i) and (ii)

64) Makar Sankranthi is an important festival celebrated in most parts of India under different names. It is a

A) festival of colours

B) festival of lights

C)  festival of harvesting

D) festival of music

65) Identify in which of the following options is the waterfall and the river associated with it, is CORRECTLY matched

A) Chitrakote falls – Pranhita river

B) Hundru talls – Koel river

C) Jog falls – Netravati river

D)  Dudhsagar falls – Mandovi river

66) Lacha and Guchi are the forms of which of the following spices that is a prominent ingredient of the Kashmiri cuisine?

A) Cardamom

B) Saffron

C) Cinnamon

D) Turmeric

67) After the Revolt of 1857, the British Parliament took away the power to govern India from East India Company and the title of Empress of India was assumed by

A) Queen Charlotte

B) Queen Elizabeth

C) Queen Isabella

D) Queen Victoria

68) Which of the following tournaments is associated w the game of Tennis?

A) Challenger Cup

B) Davis Cup

C) Thomas Cup

D) Stanley Cup

69) To be eligible for the Arjuna Award, a sportsperson should have displayed outstanding performance at the International level for how many years?

A) Five years

B) Two years

C) Four years

D) three years

70) Indian Standard Time (IST) is the time zone followed throughout the country. It is the actual time of which of the following places?

A) Nagpur

B) Bhagalpur

C) Mirzapur

D) Patna

71 )Who among the following Indians is the winner of Maguaysay Award 2019 for harnessing journalism give voice to the voiceless?

A) Sandeep Pandey

B) Neema Mishra

C) Ravish Kumar

D) Sanjiv Chaturvedi

72) Which of the following acts enabled the arrest and portation of any person on mere suspicion of plotting revolt against the British

A) Indian Council Act

B) Pitt’s India Act

C) Rowlatt Act

D) Charter Act

73) The Winter Olympics 2018 was held at

A) Vancouver, Canada

B) PyeongChang, South Korea

C) Sochi, Russia

D) Beijing, China

74) Which of the following National Parks is NOT located the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir?

A) Kishtwar National Park

B) Hemis National Park

C) Salim Ali National Park

D) Kazinag National Park

75) Who among the following actors were jointly awarded the ‘Best Actor category at the 66th National Film awards ceremony held in New Delhi?

A) Riddhi Sen and Ayushmann Khurrana

B) Vicky Kaushal and Ayushmann Khurrana

C)  Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vicky Kaushal

D)  Akshay Kumar and Vicky Kaushal

76) As of September 2020, the Indian doctor who is acting as the Chief Scientist of World Health Oganization (WHO) is

A) Dr Soumya Swaminathan

B) Dr. Bairam Bhargava

C)Dr. Ashok Rajgopal

D) Dr. Kamini Rao

77) As per the Indian Space Research station (ISRO), Aditya L-1 will be launched from Sriharikota. it would be India’s first mission to study

A) Jupiter

B) Neptune

C) Solar Corona

D) Saturn rings

78) In which of the following options the theme compound and its common name INCORRECTLY matched?

A) Sodium Bicarbonate – Baking Soda

B) Nitrous Oxide – Laughing gas

C) Calcium Carbonate – Limestone

D) Sodium Hydroxide – Washing Soda

79) Which of the following options is INCORRECT with reference to the famous fabrics weaved (under handloom sector) in union territory of Jammu and Kashmir?

A) Rattal shawis

B) Kini shawis

C) Rabari shawts

D) Pashmina shawis

80) Who is the author of ‘Godan’ which is considered one of the greatest Hindi novels of the modem Indian literature?

A) Premchand

B) Yashpal

C) Suryakant Tripathi

D) Jaishankar Prasad

81) The capital city of which of the following state(s) Situated on the banks of river Ganga or its tributaries?

(i) Uttar Pradesh

(ii) Assam

(iii) Bihar

(iv) West Bengal

A) Only (i). (ii)

B) Only (i). (iii) and (iv)

C) Only (i). (iii)

D) Only(ii).(iii) and (iv)

82) In 1756, who among the following rulers attacked the Fort William and imprisoned the British men and women in a small cell which later became known as Black Hole of Calcutta?

A) Shuja-ud-Daulah

B) Najm-ud-Daulah

C) Siraj-ud-Daulah

D) Mubarak-ud-Daulah

83) Which of the following statements is FALSE with reference to the digestive system processes in human beings?

A) Digestion in the breakdown of food into simpler form

B) Ingestion is the intake of food through the mouth

C) Egestion is the removal of digested food from the body

D) Absorption is the release of nutrients from food into the blood stream

84) Which of the following is the best way to protect oneself and others from Covid-19?

A) Touching eyes and nose frequently with contaminated hands

B) Washing hands without soap or an alcohol based hand rub

C) Attending a mass gathering

D) Wearing a mask in public settings

85) Which of the following teams won the ICC Under 19 World Cup 2018?

A) Australia

B) Canada

C) India

D) Pakistan

86) The Victoria Memorial, a huge white-marble museum is a famous tourist destination located in the capital city of which of the following states in India

A) West Bengal

B) Bihar

C) Odisha

D) Madhya Pradesh

87) On 30th October 1947, who was appointed as the Emergency Administrator for the state of Jammu Kashmir by Maharaja Hari Singh?

A) Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed

B) Yuvraj Karan Singh

C) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

D) Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah

88) Read the following statements and choose CORRECT answer.

(i) The Dooars or Duars are the alluvial foodplars in northeastern India that lie south of the outer foothills of the Himalayas and Brahmaputra plain

(ii) The Duar region forms the gateway to Bhutan and people are mainly engaged in Tea plantation

A) (i) is TRUE and (ii) is FALSE

B) (i) is TRUE and (ii) is TRUE

C) (i) is FALSE and (ii) is FALSE

D) (i) is FALSE and (ii) is TRUE

89) Who among the following freedom fighters started English weekly Mahratta’ and a Marathi weekly Kesari which were used as means to educate people against the British Rule in india?

A) Bipin Chandra Pal

B) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

C) Lal Bahadur Shastri

D) Lala Lajpat Rai

90) Sanchi is famous in the world for stupas, monolithi  Asokan pillar, temples, monasteries and sculptural wealth The stupas depict the incidents from the life of

A) Mahaveer

B) Sai Baba

C) Buddha

D) Gurunanak

91) The Mughals used to go to Poonch using this routine and it is said that they had constructed a seven-storeye building Dam-Dam at this place. Which of the following option is being referred to?

A) Tosa Maidan

B) Jai Ghati

C) Betaab valley

D) Chenab valley

92) German silver is an alloy of which of the following metals?

A) Aluminium and Tin

B) Copper and Silver

C)  Iron, Silver and Tin

D) Copper, Zinc and Nickel

93) Match the Puppet forms of india in List with their respective states in List-

A) (i)- (c), (ii)- (a), (iii) – (d)

B) (i) – (a), (ii) – (c). (iii)-(b)

C) (i) – (b). (ii)- (a). (iii)- (d)

D) (i) – (d).(ii)-(a), (iii)- (c)

94) Vitamins are substances that our body needs to grow and develop normally. The deficiency of vitamin K leads to

A) Excessive bleeding due to injury

B) Poor vision

C) Swollen feet or legs

D) Retarded growth

95) Which of the following options is used as disinfectant to disinfect the Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) Used by sanitation workers?

A) Sodium hypochlorite

B) Calcium carbonate

C) Sodium benzoate

D) Sodium bicarbonate

96) Which of the following places is the capital city of the Manipur?

A) Aizawl

 B) Shillong

C) Agartala

D) Imphal

97)  In 2018 Asian games. Rahi Samobat became the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in one of the following sports. Which sports is Rahi Sarnobat associated with

A) Archery

B) Shooting

C) Boxing


98) identify the canal in the Kashmir region which draws water from river Lidder and irrigates the lands of Matan .Dichhanpur, Khanapara. Anantnag etc

A) Zanagir Cana

 B) Shaktul Canal

 C) Babul Canal

D) Martand Canal

99) Identify the INCORRECT statements with reference to a Light-year.

(i) It’s a unit of distance

(ii)It is the distance light travels in one Earth year.

(iii) Its value in kilometers is 5.88 X 10^12

A) Only(i) and (ii)

B) Only (iii)

C) Only (ii) and (iii)

D) Only (i)

100) Which of the following festivals) does NOT typically belong to Kerala?

(i) Onam

(ii) Vishu

(iii) Gudi Padwa

A) Only (ii)

B) Only (iii)

C) Only (ii) and (iii)

D) Only (i) and (iii)

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