JKSSB Question Paper: 4th Class solved question paper 2021 (Paper 2)

The JKSSB 4th class exam was conducted on 27th of February, 28th of February, 01 March (2021). We have uploaded all these JKSSB 4th class solved question papers on our website.

In this post, we have uploaded the question paper with answer which was held on 28 February, 2021.

Link of the question paper which was held on 27 February.

Link of the question paper which was held on 01 March.

JKSSB 4th Class solved question paper (1-100 Questions)

About Question Paper (JKSSB 4th Class, 28 February)

The question paper contains 4 sections and total 100 questions.

SectionNumber of Question
Basic Mathematics20
Basic Reasoning20
Basic English20
General Awareness and Science40

Section 1 – Basic Mathematics

1) The smallest number that leaves remainder 7 when divided by 35, 56 and 91, is

A) 2345

B) 3647

C) 3847

D) 4547

2) Sum of the ages of father and son is 68. After 8 years father will be thrice as old as son. The present age (in years) of the son is

A) 18

B) 16

C) 15

D) 13

3) P alone can finish a job in 12 days while Q can do so in 16 days. With the help of R, they have finished the job in 4 days for a contract price of Rs 1200. How much should R get out of it.

A) 300

B) 400

C) 500

D) 800

4) if A`s income 60% more than that of B`s Income, then how much present B’s income less that  of A?

A) 25.5

B) 37.5

C) 60

D) 80

5) Anil can do a piece of work in 16 days which Shashi can finish 24days.If they work on alternative days with Anil starting. In how many days the work will be finished?

A) 15 days

B 17 days

C) 18 days

D) 19 days

6) The price of each apple is Rs 10 and that of each mango is Rs 15. If a bag contains 40 apples and 20 mangoes, then what is the approximate average price per fruit in the bag?

A 12.5

B) 11.7

C) 10.5

 D) 9.6

7) if a : b = 5:7, then the ratio (5a +70): (3a + 4b) is

A) 43:74

B) 78:43

C) 74:43

D) 43:76

8) When 2 unbiased dice are rolled, what is the probability that the sum on the top of the faces is greater than 10?

A) 1/12

B) 1/6

C) ¼

D ½

9)The ages of A,B and C are 8 years 10 months, 15 years 6 months, 12 years 5 months respectively. What is the average age of A Band C?

A) 10 years 2 months

B) 12 years 3months

 C) 13 years 6months

D) 13years 15months

10) Average age of a group of 10 students is 12 years. If 5 new students join them, then the average age of the group increases by 1 year, The average age of the new students is

A) 13 years

B) 15years

C) 16 years

D) 18 years

11) If the speed of Anil and Varun are 40 m/s and 40km/hr respectively, then the ratio of Time taken to cover a certain distance by them is

A) 1:1

B) 5:18

C) 1:2

D) 18:5

12) What percentage of 60 is 12?

A) 12

B) 16

C) 20

D) 24

13) What is the distance travelled by the tip of the minute hand of a wall clock in 2 days if the length of the minute hand is 7 cm?

A) 88 cm

B) 528 cm

C) 2112 cm

D) 4224 cm

14) Seeta and Geeta had certain number of chocolates with them. If Geeta gives 5 chocolates to Seeta, the ratio of the chocolates with Geeta and Seeta will be 3:2, whereas If Seeta gives 5 chocolates to Geeta, then the ratio of the chocolates with Geeta and Seeta will be 4:1. How many chocolates Geeta had initially?

A) 35

B) 25

C) 20

D) 15

15) 4 years ago, Swapna’s mother was 3 times as old as Swapna. After 6 years she will be twice as old as Swapna. Present age (in years) of Swapna’s mother is

A) 39

B) 36

C) 34

D) 24

16) The probability of getting exactly 4 tails when 6 unbiased coins are tossed is

A) 15/64

B) 31/64

C) 3/32

D) 31/32

17) Three identical discs have one side painted in blue color and the other in green color. These three discs are tossed simultaneously. What is the probability of getting more blue faces than the green faces, when tossed?

A) 3/4

B) 1/4

C) 1/2

D) 1/3

18) A’s present age in years is 20% of B’s age. After 30 years, A’s age will be 1/2 of B’s. The sum of the present ages of A and B is

A) 40 years

B) 60 years

C) 80 years

D) 100 years

19) A circle is inscribed in an equilateral triangle of side 20 cm, touching its sides. What is the area of the circle?

A) 50πcm2

B) 50π/3 cm2

C) 100π/3 cm2

D) 100 cm2

20) Two cylinders of same volume have their radii in the ratio 3:1. What is the ratio of their heights?

A) 1:3

B) 3:1

C) 1:9

D) 9:1

Section 2-Basic Reasoning

21) What is the next term in the given series?

21, 63, 267. 1260,______

A) 2470

B) 7560

C) 3036

D) 9046

22) NA

23) In a class of 180 students, 90 students speak Bengali, 70 students speak Marathi and 50 students do NOT speak any of these two languages. How many students speak both the languages?

A) 30

B) 40

C) 60

D) 55

24) X starts walking from the place `A`. He walks 4 km east and reaches place B, then turns right. After going 3km straight he stops at the place C. What is the shortest distance between A and B?

A) 4 km

B) 5km

C) 6 km

 D) 7km

25) `P+Q` means P is the wife of Q. `P-Q` Means P is te husband of Q. `P/Q` means P is the son of Q. `P*Q` means P is the brother of Q. As per AxQ/B/S +C, how is related to A’s Father?

A) Brother

B) Father

C) Grandfather

D) Son

26) Select the alternative that will make the second pa analogous to the first pair given as:

3 : Tri :: 10:

A) Femta

B) Deca

C) Nano

D) Quad

27) Sheetal is the sister of Babita’s daughter’s brother. How is Babita related to Sheetal

A Mother

B) Niece

C) Nephew

D) Sister

28) NA

29) Select the alternative that will make the second pair analogous to the first pair given as:

Century: 100 :: Millennium________

A) 10,00,000

B) 1,00,000

C) 10,000


30) The missing tegu in the series

11,10, ______, 27, 66.5, 198.5 is

A) 14

 B) 16

C) 21

D) 19

31) NA

32) As per the code represented below, what is the coded symbol for 971254?




D) RMA©d%

33) In a certain code, f TRAIN is coded as PTCKJ, then how is PLATFORM coded in the same code?





34) Naveen’s father’s only daughter’s son is Arnav. How is Arnav related to Naveen?

A) Nephew

B) Brother

C) Son

D) Uncle

35) Which of the figures given in the answer figures w complete the figural series given in the problem figures?

A) A

B) B

C) C

D) D

36) In this question, out of the four figures, three are similar In a certain manner. However, one figure is NOT like the other three. Select the figure which is different from the rest.

A) A

B) B

 C) C

D) D

37)Town A is towards the West of town B Town C is Towards the North of town A Town E is towards the West of town C. Town Es towards which direction of town B?

A) South-East

B) North-West

C North-East

 D) South-west

38) Meena walked 26.6 m to the South She turns to her right and walks 19.5 m. Next she moves 234 m to her left. Next she moves 0.5 m to her left. How far is she from her starting point?

A) 45.20 m

B) 51.19 m

C) 72.45 m

D) 32.75 m

39) In certain language, [RA SA HA] is coded as (&&^^**] . [MA LA RA) is coded as (^^%%##] [SA MA RAJ is coded as [%% ^^**] and [MA HA LA] is coded as [%% & ##] .What is the code for “LA”?

A) &&

B) ##

C) **

D) ^^

40) What is the missing term in the given series?

1/4, 1/8, 1/16, _______  ,1/64

A) 1/22

B) 1/32

C) 1/24

D) 1/34

Section 3. Basic English

41) Fill in the blanks with the correct option:

He_________ his left hand so typed with one hand

A) had injured

B) injures

C) have injured

D) injure

42) Choose the word that is spelt correctly and fill the blanks

A river can change its ________

A) coursse

B) corrse

C) coarse

D) course

43) Fill in the blanks with the correct option:

This book contains __________ series of elementary exercises

A) a

B) No Articles

C) an

D) the

44) Fill in the banks with the correct option:

The children were scared when the train was passing __________ a tunnel.

A) in

B) through

C) over

D) below

45) Fill in the blanks with the correct option

All the best bargains were snapped up ________________ hours

A) at

B) with

C) within

D) till

46) Choose the antonym of the underlined word

The couple fled from home in the night

A) arrived

B) deserted

C) absconded

 D) retreated

47) Fill in the blanks with me correct option

Even after _________years, everything has remained________ same.

A) much, al

B) several, much

C) the, the

D) many. The

48) identify the synonym of the underlined word:

The stream had cut a rift in the rock

A) Ring

B) Tunnel

C) Channel

D) Crack

49) Identify the synonym of the italicised word

The middle aged man is a brilliant lawyer.

A) Studious

B) Culpable

C) Stupid

D) Bright

50) Choose the word that is spent correctly and the blanks

He lacked the___________to take up the project.

A) confidanse

B) confidance

C) confidense


Directions for Questions 51-58

Read the following passage and answer the questions:

The gramophone is so common now, that we have counted to wonder at it Yet it is a truly wonderful Invention, and even now, it we give it a thought, we cannot help marveling that it is possible to catch such a floating thing as sound, and record it In such a way that it can be repeated and reproduced at will, so that we can actually hear the very words and the tones of the voice of a man who died, it may be, years ago.

The of the gramophone, or taking machine, are many, Its main use is to give pleasure all the pleasure that music can give. It is a great boon to music lovers who have little opportunity of hearing good music, such as those who live in small country places, or in foreign lands far from aviltzations. Such people can listen to the voices of the greatest singers and the finest orchestras of the day: for the gramophone is now so perfect that a good machine reproduces the finest shades of tone and expression of human voice and of musical instruments It has too, its educational uses, especially in teaching music and singing A singer, by listening to a song sung by some great master, can lon how that song should be sung: and he can have the song repeated over and over again until he has mastered it

51) It is useful for students because it helps them to

A) repeat the song fill the master it

B) listen to religious songs

C) listen to special music

 D) learn songs sung by dead people.

52) On the gramophone, we listen to

A) voice of the greatest singers and the finest orchestra

B) only a shade of a tone

C) only emotions of human voice

D) forgotten songs

53) Music lovers felt that the gramophone is a boon because they could

A) be a part of the new civilization

B) listen to good music

C) popularize famous music

D) learn their favorite numbers

54) The main use of a gramophone is to

A) produce sound

B) record tones

C) give pleasure

D) offer solace

55 The gramophone is a wonderful Invention becs

A) it in common these days

B) it reproduces the exact picture.

C) It catches a feeling thing such as sound.

D) it is used to capture the voice of a person who is d

56) Select the right antonym for the underlined were

People do not mimic their idols, but adore them.

A) penise

B) mock

C) joke

D) ridicule

57) Fill in the blanks with the correct option:

He ___________ confidence even When he faces severe problems

A) remain

B) were remaining

C) have been remained

D) remains

58) Choose the answer option which will CORRECTLY the blank

_________________ the people you Invited are coming.

A) Any

B) Each

C) This


59) Fil in the blanks with the correct option:

__________ energy generated by_____________  windmill drives all the drainage pumps

A) An, No Article

B) The, a

C) No Article, an

D) A. No Article

60) which of the following is a Declarative sentence?

A) the sun rises in the east

B) Please let me work

C) How hot it ist

D) Have you done your home work?

Section 4- General Awareness and Science

61) Where is Manas Tiger Reserve situated?

A) Andhra Pradesh

B) Karnataka

C) Assam

D) Arunachal Pradesh

62) During winter season, the Northeast Trade winds cause maintain in which of the following regions of India?

A) Gujarat region

B) Tamil Nadu region

C) Valley of Kashmir

D) Upper Assam plains

63) The most commonly used bleaching agent for disinfecting drinking water supply is

A) Phenyl

B) Chlorine

C) Alcohol

D) Distilled water

64) Which of the following teams won the FIFA World Cup 2018?

A) Germany

B) France

C) Croatia

D) Brazil

65) Identify the film which India’s official entry for Oscars 2020 under the Foreign Language Film category.

A) Newton

B) Mukti Bhawan

C) Gully Boy

D) Village Rockstars

66) Which of the following options is/are INCORRECT with reference to passes found in the Pir Panjal Range?

(i) Haji Pir pass

(ii) Banihal pass

(iii)Khardungla pas

A) Only (i)

 B) Only (ii)

C) Only (ii) and (iii)

D) Only(iii)

67) Who among the following was awarded the Padma Vibhushan-2020 for him/her exceptional and diste service in the field of Sports

A) PV. Sindhu

B) Jitu Rai

C) Gagan Narang

D) Mary Kom

68) This state was carved out of Madhya Pradesh in the year 2000.Identify the state and its capital for the following options.

A) Jharkhand, Ranchi

B) Chhattisgarh, Raipur

c) Uttarakhand, Dehradun

D) Telangana, Hyderabad

69) Who among the following players won the French Open Tennis Men’s Singles Title in 2019?

A) Kevin Anderson

B) Dominic Thiem

C) Rafael Nadal

D) Novak Djokovic

70) India achieved its best ever medal haul at the Asian Games 2018, How many Gold medals did India win?

A) 12

B) 15

C) 18

D) 24

71) Who is the sixth Indian cricketer official the ICC Hall of Fame in 2019?

A) Sachin Tendulkar

B) Rahul Dravid

C) Anil Kumble

D) Mahendra Singh Dhoni

72) Identity the legislative act that sought to create political equality by vesting Indian judges with the power to try he European or the British citizens residing in India

A) Morley-Minto Reforms

B) Cripps Mission

C) Pitts India Act

D) llbert Bill

73) Match the Following

A) (i)-(c),(ii)-(a),(iii)-(b),(iv)-(d)

B) (i)-(d),(ii)-(a),(iii)-(b),(iv)-(c)

C) (i)-(a),(ii)-(d),(iii)-(c),(iv)-(b)

D) (i)-(d),(ii)-(a),(iii)-(c),(iv)-(b)

74) Water pollution occurs when harmful substances like microorganisms contaminate a water body degrading the water quality and rendering it toxic to humans or the environment. Which one of the following diseases is NOT due to contamination of water?

A) Malaria

B) Tuberculosis

c) Cholera

D) Typhoid

75) Originally called “The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce”, this paper was founded in 1838 in Mumbai (then Bombay), to serve the British residents of western India. Identify the newspaper.

A) The Tribune

B) The Times of India

C) The Hindu

D) The New Indian Express

76) Vitamins are substances that our body needs to grow and develop normally. The vitamin prepared in our body with the help of sunlight is

A) Vitamin D

B) Vitamin A

C) Vitamin K

D) Vitamin E

77) Which among the following Union Territories is also the capital of two neighbouring states in India?

A) Ladakh

B) Chandigarh

C) Delhi

D) Puducherry

78) Which one of the following options is matched INCORRECTLY?

A) Fuel cell – Chemical energy is converted into Electrical energy

B) Loud speaker Sound energy is converted into Electrical energy

 C) Photovoltaic cell – Light energy Electrical converted into Electrical energy

D) Electric motor – Electrical energy is converted into Mechanical energy

79) As per the 2011 Census data, in which of the following union territories the female population outnumbers the male population?

A) Chandigarh

B) Lakshadweep

C) Andaman and Nicobar

D) Puducherry

80) The act of transferring pollen grains from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma is called:

A) Photosynthesis

B) Polarization

C) Pollination

D) Polymerisation

81) Identify the INCORRECT match between the element and its corresponding chemical symbol.

A) Calcium – Ca

B) Aluminium-Al

C) Sodium-NA

D) Chloride-Cl

82) The main block of Supreme Court building of India was signed by which of the following architects?

A) Anant Damodar Raje

B) Ganesh Bhiko Deck

C) Vasanth Kamath

D) Achyut Purushotham Kanvinde

83) Read the following statements and choose the CORRECT option

(i) Kashmiri language spoken in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is also known as Koshur.

(ii) Kashmiri language is not included in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution

A) (i) TRUE and (ii) is TRUE

B) (i) is TRUE and (ii) is FALSE

C) (i) is FALSE and (ii) is TRUE

D) (i) is FALSE and (ii) is FALSE

84) Which of the following classical dance forms originated In Northern India?

A) Kathak

B) Bharatanatyam

C) Mohiniyattam

D) Kuchipudi

85) The theme for sixth International Yoga Day was

A) Yoga at Home – Yoga for Peace

B) Yoga for Health – Yoga at Home

C) Yoga for Climate Action

D) Yoga for Harmony and Peace

86) Read the following statements and choose the CORRECT option.

(i) Excavations by the Archaeological Survey of India have established the fact that Akhnoor was one of the last Bastion of Harappan Civilization and Manda.

(ii) Akhnoor is believed to be the only early Buddhist site in Jammu, the excavations have found remains of Stupas and Buddhist terracotta

A) (i) TRUE and (ii) is FALSE

B) (i) TRUE and (ii) is TRUE

C) (i)is FALSE and (ii) is FALSE

D) (i) FALSE and (ii) is TRUE

87) Identity the CORRECT option with oference to the popular cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir region.

(i) Kahwa – A green tea prepared with different spices, walnuts or almonds and saffron

(ii) Gushtaba – A preparation of spicy yogurt gravy containing meatballs

(ii) Nadru Yakhni Banana stems cooked with mild aromatic spices and yogurt

A) (i)- TRUE, (ii) – FALSE, (iii) – TRUE

B) (i) – TRUE (ii)- TRUE (iii)FALSE

C) (i)- FALSE, (ii) TRUE, (iii) -FALSE

D) (i) – FALSE, (ii) – FALSE (iii) – TRUE

88) Who among the following was the Chief Guest for the 2020 Republic Day celebrations in India?

A) Donald Trump

B) Ashraf Ghani

C) Maithripala Sirisena

D) Jair Messias Bolsonaro

89) Which of the following monuments was built by Mughal emperor Akbar to commemorate the victory over Gujarat?

A) Jama Masjid

B) Buland Darwaza

 C) Red Fort

D) Agra Fort

90) Which of the following statements is FALSE with reference to Bahu Fort?

A) It was originally constructed by Raja Bahulochan

B) it houses a temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali within its premises

C) It is a historical fort situated on the banks of Chenab

D) It houses a royal garden called Bagh-e-Bahu

91) Any princely state under the direct or indirect control of the East India Company where the ruler did not have a legal male heir would be annexed by the company. This policy was devised by

A) Lord Curzon

B) Lord Bentinck

C) Lord Macaulay

D)Lord Dalhousie

92) The paintings that dom the walls and cellings of the Aanta and Ellora caves depict Incidents from the life of lord

A) Mahavir

B) Buddha

C) Parashurama

D) Narsimha

93) Kavaratti is the capital of which of the following Union Territories in India?

A) Andaman and Nicobar

B) Puduchery

C) Lakshadweep

D) Dadra and Nagar Haveli

94) Identify the Wildlife Sanctuary in the Jammu and Kashmir region dominated by Bamboo Plantation.

A) Nandini Widife Sanctuary

B) Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary

C) Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary

 D) Lachipora Wildlife Sanctuary

95) Which of the following characteristic(s) of a sound wave determine the loudness of the sound?

(i) Frequency

(ii) Amplitude

(iii) Timbre

A) Only (i) and (ii)

В) Only (iii)

C) Only (ii)

D) Only (i) and (iii)

96) The Ozone gas found in which of the following layers of the atmosphere absorbs harmful UV radiations and prevents them from reaching the earth’s surface?

A) Troposphere

B) Stratosphere

C) Mesosphere

D) Thermosphere

97) Given below is a sequence of districts territory of Jammu and Kashmir arranged South direction. Identify the CORRECT option

A) Gandarbal-Anantnag-Ramban-Jammu

B) Jammu Anantnag-Ramban-Gandarbal

 C) Anantnag-Ramban-Jammu-Gandarbat

 D) Gandarbal-Anantnag-Jammu Ramban

98) Which of the following statements is/are INC

(i) All latitudes are great circles

(ii) All longitudes are great circles

(iii) Equator is a great circle

(iv) Prime meridian is a great circle

(A) Only(i)

(B) Only (iv)

(C) Only (i) and (iii)

(D) Only (i) and (iv)

99) Which of the following communities cele Hemis festival in honour of Guru Padmasambha anniversary?

A) Buddhists

B) Sikhs

C) Christians

D) Parsis

100) Giddha is a popular folk dance performed on ladies. This dance is part of the culture of whic following states in India?

A Maharashtra

B) Gujarat

C) Punjab

D) Uttarakhand

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