Download .NET and C# question paper.

Download .NET and C# question paper. The paper is set by the University of Jammu for session 2021.

Unit 1

  1. What is a .NET assembly? How to build shared assembly? Explain in detail with a program.
  2. Discuss how C# and .NET framework play a major role in developing web form and web services.
  3. Explain the different types of expressions and operators in detail.

Unit 2

  1. What is the difference between jagged array and two dimensional array? Write a C# program to find the length of the jagged array using predefined functions.
  2. What is encapsulation? Explain the two ways of enforcing encapsulation with example each.

Unit 3

  1. Explain the usages of various keywords of exception handling. How events are handled through delegates? Explain with an example.
  2. What is synchronization? Explain with examples how synchronization is achieved in C#?

Unit 4

  1. Write a program in C# Sharp to create a file and write an array of strings to the file.

Unit 5

  1. Explain the architecture of ADO.NET. Which object of ADO.NET has the best performance for retrieving the data?
  2. Explain briefly about the following features with ADO.NET.
  3. Updating Databases using Stored Procedures.
  4. Connecting SQL Server with ADO.NET.
  1. Explain how a C# code can be compiled and executed. Clearly explain each step.
  2. Write a window application using C# to display a message box.
  3. Explain the .NET framework architecture with neat diagram.
  4. Define C# preprocessor directive. Explain any three directive.
  5. Difference between throw exception and throw clause.
  6. Discuss about
  7. indexes.
  8. Delegates.
  9. How does ADO.NET support security?
  10. What is an interface?  List down the features of an interface.

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