MCQ on web technology with answers PDF | Set 2

The total of 11 questions with answers are presented in this post. These MCQs on Web Technology are presented with answers.

1. The Client Computer is also called  
Front End 
Back End 
Operating System

2. In Client Server model, the following initiates the request 
Network on which both are present 
Both Client and Server

3. The following is a Web Server software 
Microsoft Internet Information Server 
Windows 7 operating system 
Java Beans 

4. The following protocol primarily provides the reliable delivery of stream of bytes from a computer or a program to another computer or a program 
Internet Protocol 

5. The following identifies one of the networks that is part of Internet 
Device ID 
Net ID 
Both Device ID and Net ID 

6. The following identifies the location of source and the destination on Internet 
Internet Protocol 

7. The following is a valid IP address 

8. The following translates a website address such as into a computer understandable IP address 
iTranslate Google Translator 
Microsoft SQL Server 
Domain Name System

9. An IPv4 address is a  
16 bit address 
32 bit address 
128 bit address 
256 bit address

10. CIDR stands for  

Classless Internet Domain Routing 

Classless Inter Domain Routing 

Classless Inter Domain Router 

Classless Internet Domain Router

The following product enables you to organize your medical records online 
Google Talk 
Google Calendar 
Google Health 
Google Docs

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