Human Behavior Multiple Choice Question

If you want to teach your dog to ring the doorbell with her nose, you should
 a. be very careful to reinforce only button-pushing responses.
 b. reinforce her any time anybody rings the doorbell.
 c. probably use the shaping technique.
 d. punish her any time she moves away from the door.

Answer: probably use the shaping technique.

To prevent information in short-term store from decaying, one can use _______.
 a. memory
 b. rehearsal
 c. explication
 d. elaboration

Answer: rehearsal

Your memories concerning how to hit a backhand shot in tennis is part of your __________ memory.
a. sensory
b. short-term
c. explicit
d. implicit

Answer: implicit

Memory span refers to the
a. duration of storage in working memory.
b. duration of storage in long-term memory.
c. capacity of working memory storage.
d. capacity of working memory storage.

Your memories concerning what you talked about at dinner last night is part of your _____ memory
a. sensory
b. short-term
c. explicit
d. implicit

Answer: explicit

The capacity of working memory  
a. varies widely from culture to culture.
b. is seven items, give or take two.
c. depends on the sense used to encode the items.
d. is about 5 items for children and about 10 items for most adults.

Answers: is seven items, give or take two.

An identification number contains nine numerals, but the use of hyphens makes the number easier to remember because it encourages one to make use of
 a. rehearsal.
 b. chunking.
 c. practicing retrieval.
 d. mental practice.

Answer: chunking.

Your instructor quickly read you a list of 25 words. Immediately after the list, your recall was tested. The words which were the most difficult to remember.

 a. were presented at the beginning

 b. were presented at the end

 c. were presented in the middle

 d. started with G, T, and V

Answer: were presented in the middle

_____ refers to the process of forming a representation of an external stimulus and placing it in memory.





Answer: Encoding

Research suggests that forgetting in working memory is caused by _____ of items.



 decay and displacement


Answer: decay and displacement

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