Human Behavior Multiple Choice Question

If you want to teach your dog to ring the doorbell with her nose, you should a. be very careful to reinforce only button-pushing responses. b. reinforce her any time anybody rings the doorbell. c. probably use the shaping technique. d. punish her any time she moves away from the door. Answer: probably use the shaping technique. To prevent … Read more

Research Ethics MCQs with answers

In this blog post, researchers can understand the concepts of research ethics with provided MCQs. It is the primary responsibility of a researcher to be sincere in the work. Care must be taken to execute research in the utmost responsible and correct way, at every step. Research Ethics Multiple Choice Questions Every researcher views all … Read more

Solved MCQs on Sampling in research methodology

More than 16 MCQs on Sampling are provided in this post. These MCQs can be asked in various competitive exams like UGC NET, and certifications exams. If you are planning to appear for PhD or MPhil entrance, then these MCQs are also beneficial for you.  True  False Answer: True. 2. In ……..every unit falling after … Read more

Solved MCQs on Basic Research

MCQs on Basic research: Basic research is also known as pure research or fundamental research, is a type of scientific research with the aim of improving scientific theories. In this blog post, we are providing Basic research MCQs with answers. The answers are bold. Multiple Choice Questions on Basic Research with answers a. Object, purpose … Read more

JKSSB Previous Year Papers: Fully Solved 2019 Question Paper

We have uploaded all fully JKSSB previous years solved papers on Here you will get the question paper of 2019. Answers keys are also provided below. You can get other previous year papers from here. About the question paper This question papers was set by JKSSB in 2019. Conducting Agency JKSSB Exam held on … Read more