Research Report writing MCQs with answers

Every research leads to the creation of a research report. The report is the formal logical presentation of the research that has been conducted. The purpose of the research report is to convey to the interested persons the whole result of a study in sufficient detail and to determine the validity of the conclusions. In … Read more

Hypothesis Multiple Choice Questions pdf

1.A Null Hypothesis is  a. The assumption that a significant result is unlikely.  b. The assumption there is no relationship or difference between the variables you are testing.  c. The assumption there is a relationship or difference between the variables you are testing.  d. The pattern between the variable you are testing.  2. What is … Read more

MCQs on Legal Research with answers

MCQ on Legal Research: In this blog post, important MCQs with answers on legal research are posted. What is Research? It can be best understood with reference to the purpose it seeks to achieve. The purpose of research is either to know about or to contribute something new to the existing state of knowledge. Legal … Read more

MCQs on sampling in research methodology with answers

MCQs on Sampling in Research Methodology: Answers are given along with the multiple-choice questions. Sampling: In simple terms, a sample is a part of a thing (generally known as population) and it has the ability to display the qualities and features of the thing, of which it is a part. Whereas Sampling is the process of … Read more

30 MCQs with answers on plagiarism

Plagiarism is a method of copying someone’s else work in your research work without the proper consent of the author of the original work. Here in this blog post, we have provided 30 MCQs with answers on Plagiarism. 1. The act of presenting someone else’s work or idea as own is considered as  Plagiarism  Academic … Read more

MCQ on Citation and Referencing in Research

 Attribution of other’s intellectual work  Attribution of own intellectual work  Attribution of corporate intellectual outcomes  All of these Accepted Answers: Attribution of other’s intellectual work 2. The citation manual published by Aspen Publisher which is known as alternative to other manuals useful for law subject is –  APA  MLA  ALWD  Blue Book Accepted Answers: ALWD … Read more

Multiple Choice Question Sociology: Human Behavior

MCQ on Human Behavior In this post, we have listed 10 most important MCQs on Human Behavior. These MCQs were asked in a SWAYAM Assignment in the year 2021. The specific patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that define an individual’s personal style of interaction is called  a. Intelligence.  b. Aura.  c. Personality.  d. Heritability. … Read more

Rectification of errors questions with solutions class 11

MCQs on rectification of errors [1] When the total of trial balance is not reconciled, the account opened at this juncture is :   (a) Trading Account (b) Suspense account (c) Profit & Loss account (d) None of these ANSWER-(b) [2] Which type of error occurs when credit sales is wrongly posted to Purchase Day … Read more

JKSSB Question Paper: 4th Class solved question paper 2021 (Paper 2)

The JKSSB 4th class exam was conducted on 27th of February, 28th of February, 01 March (2021). We have uploaded all these JKSSB 4th class solved question papers on our website. In this post, we have uploaded the question paper with answer which was held on 28 February, 2021. Link of the question paper which … Read more