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Free UGC CARE Journals: UGC-CARE has taken the responsibility of preparing the “UGC-CARE Reference List of Quality Journals” (UGC-CARE List). These journals are to be considered for all academic purposes. In this post, we have listed UGC CARE journals that publish research papers for free.

The following Free UGC CARE Journals publish research papers without any publication fee. It is recommended to send a well-prepared manuscript/ research paper to these Unpaid UGC CARE Journals.

List of Free UGC CARE journals

A few of the below-listed journals are Discontinued to be included in the UGC CARE list.

1. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing

Publisher: Inderscience Publishers
ISSN: 1755-4950
E-ISSN: 1755-4969
Discipline: Science
Subject: Computer Science (all)
Focus: Subject Artificial Intelligence

2. International Journal of pharmaceutical sciences and Drug Research

Publisher: MRI Publication Pvt. Ltd.
E-ISSN: 0975-248X
Discipline: Science
Subject: Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics (all)
Focus: Subject Pharmaceutical Science

3. International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics

Publisher: Springer
ISSN: 0975-0770
E-ISSN: 0975-5616
Discipline: Science
Subject: Engineering (all), Mathematics (all)
Focus: Subject Engineering (miscellaneous), Mathematics (miscellaneous)a

4. international journal of financial engineering and risk

Publisher: Inderscience Publishers
ISSN: 2049-0909
E-ISSN: 2049-0917
Discipline: Multidisciplinary
Subject: Business, Management and Accounting (all), Engineering (all), Economics, Econometrics and Finance (all)
Focus: Subject Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous), Engineering (miscellaneous), Finance

5. International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management

Publisher: Inderscience Publishers
ISSN: 1753-0806
E-ISSN: 1753-0814
Discipline: Social Science
Subject: Business, Management and Accounting (all)
Focus: Subject Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous)

6. International Journal of Design Engineering

Publisher: Inderscience Publishers
ISSN: 1751-5882
E-ISSN: 1751-5874
Discipline: Science
Subject: Engineering (all)
Focus: Subject Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

7. International Journal of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Publisher: International Journal of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
E-ISSN: 2306-708X
Discipline: Science
Subject: Engineering (all)
Focus: Subject Electrical and Electronic Engineering

8. Engaging Science, Technology, and Society

Publisher: Society for Social Studies of Science
E-ISSN: 2413-8053
Discipline: Social Science
Subject: Social Sciences (all)
Focus: Subject Social Sciences (miscellaneous)

9. Advances and Applications in Mathematical Sciences

Publisher: Mili Publications
ISSN: 0974-6803
Discipline: Science
Subject: Mathematics (all)
Focus: Subject Mathematics (miscellaneous)

10. ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology

Publication Language: English 
Publisher: ICT Academy
ISSN: 0976-0091
Discipline: Science 
Subject: Computer Science (all) 
Focus Subject: Computer Science (miscellaneous) 

11. ICTACT Journal on Soft Computing

Publication LanguageEnglish 
PublisherICT Academy
SubjectComputer Science (all) 
Focus SubjectGeneral Computer Science

12. Solid Earth Sciences

Publisher: Elsevier
ISSN: 2451-912X

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