50 UGC CARE list of Multidisciplinary journals

This blog post aims to provide the latest list of Multidisciplinary UGC CARE-approved journals.

Complete UGC CARE List of journals: Download Excel

About UGC CARE: To develop an approach and methodology for the identification of good quality journals, the UGC-CARE has taken the responsibility of preparing the “UGC-CARE Reference List of Quality Journals” (UGC-CARE List). The UGC-CARE List has only TWO groups:

  1. UGC-CARE List Group I: Journals found qualified through UGC-CARE protocols.
  2. UGC-CARE List Group II: Journals indexed in globally recognized databases (Scopus, Web of Science).

In this post, we will be providing the Multidisciplinary journals that are in the UGC CARE list Group 1. More Multidisciplinary journals can be found at https://phdtalks.org/journal-finder.php. These UGC-approved journals publish at a minimum cost. In fact, many journals publish for free.

How to publish in the UGC CARE list of Journals

  1. If your subject is Multidisciplinary or related, choose any journal from the below-given list.
  2. Prepare your manuscript according to the journal guidelines.
  3. Send the prepared manuscript and wait for a few days.

List of UGC CARE journals in Multidisciplinary

Sr.No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNE-ISSNUGC-CARE coverage yearDetails
1Antarmukh (print only)Antarmukh2249-3751NA from September – 2019 to  PresentView
2Apni MaatiApni Maati SansthanNA2322-0724 from July – 2021 to  PresentView
3Arts and the MarketEmerald Publishing Limited2056-49452056-4953 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
4Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary ResearchLyceum of The Philippines University2350-77562350-8442 from June – 2019 to  February – 2020Discontinued from Feb. 2020
5Book HistoryJohns Hopkins University Press1098-73711529-1499 from June – 2019 to  December – 2020Indexed in Scopus
6Bulletin of the Deccan College Post- Graduate and Research InstituteDeccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute0045-9801NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
7CaraivetiDepartment of French Studies, Banaras Hindu University2456-9690NA from January – 2022 to  PresentView
8CPJ Law JournalChanderprabhu Jain College of Higher Studies and School of Law0976-3562NA from July – 2021 to  PresentView
9Dialogue QuarterlyAstha Bharati0973-0095NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
10Disaster and DevelopmentNational Institute of Disaster Management0973-6700NA from July – 2022 to  PresentView
11Econophysics, Sociophysics, and Multidisciplinary Sciences JournalUniversity of Pitesti2247-2479NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
12Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of CommunicationIntellect Publishers1757-19521757-1960 from September – 2019 to  January – 2020Indexed in Scopus
13Flusser Studies. Multilingual Journal for Cultural and Media TheoryFlusserstudies NetNA1661-5719 from January – 2020 to  PresentView
14Frames Cinema JournalDepartment of Film Studies, University of St. AndrewsNA2053-8812 from January – 2020 to  PresentView
15Gandhi MargGandhi Peace Foundation0016-4437NA from January – 2021 to  PresentView
16Indian Journal of Human DevelopmentInstitute for Human Development0973-70302456-480X from January – 2021 to  April – 2022Indexed in Scopus
17Indian Journal of Technical Education (print only)Indian society for Techincal Education0971-3034NA from July – 2022 to  PresentView
18International Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk ManagementInderscience Publishers2049-09092049-0917 from June – 2019 to  July – 2022Discontinued from July 2022
19International Journal of Gender, Science and TechnologyDepartment of Computing and Communications, The Open UniversityNA2040-0748 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
20International Journal of Yoga- Philosophy, Psychology and ParapsychologySwami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana University2347-56332348-5108 from October – 2021 to  PresentView
21Jijnasa (print only)Department of History and Indian Culture, University of Rajasthan0337-743XNA from January – 2021 to  July – 2021Discontinued from July 2021
22Journal of Acharya Narendra Dev Research InstituteAcharya Narendra Dev Research Institute0976-3287NA from June – 2019 to  September – 2019Discontinued from Sept. 2019
23Journal of Drug Delivery and TherapeuticsVinita Nagar, Society of Pharmaceutical TechnocratsNA2250-1177 from June – 2019 to  September – 2019Discontinued from Sept. 2019
24Journal of Heritage ManagementCentre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad University2455-92962456-4796 from January – 2021 to  PresentView
25Journal of Science and Sustainable DevelopmentUganda Martyrs University School of Postgraduate Studies and Research2070-1748NA from June – 2019 to  January – 2020Discontinued from Jan. 2020
26Journal of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of BarodaMaharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda0025-0422NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
27Journal on Environmental Law, Policy and DevelopmentCentre for Environmental Law Education, Research and AdvocacyNA2348-7046 from June – 2019 to  April – 2021Discontinued from April 2021
28Kala Sarovar (print only)Kala Evam Dharma Shodha Sansthan0975-4520NA from October – 2020 to  January – 2022Discontinued from Jan. 2022
29Kanpur Philosophers (print only)New Archaeological and Genological Society2348-8301NA from April – 2021 to  PresentView
30Madhya Bharti- Humanities and Social Sciences (print only)Dr. Harisingh Gour University0974-0066NA from September – 2019 to  PresentView
31Maharshi Dayanand University Research Journal (ARTS)Maharshi Dayanand University0972-706XNA from June – 2019 to  January – 2020Discontinued from Jan. 2020
32ManarkeniManarkeni Publications2249-9164NA from July – 2020 to  PresentView
33ManavayatanCentre for Studies in Humanities2249-0612NA from September – 2019 to  January – 2020Discontinued from Jan. 2020
34MIDA Archival ReflexiconCentre for Modern Indian Studies, Georg-August-Universität GöttingenNA2628-5029 from January – 2020 to  PresentView
35New German CritiqueDuke University Press0094-033X1558-1462 from January – 2020 to  July – 2020Indexed in Scopus
36New HorizonsMehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women2277-5218NA from June – 2019 to  April – 2021Discontinued from April 2021
37Pariwartanacha WatsaruPariwartanacha Watsaru2250-3145NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
38PIMT Journal of ResearchPunjab Institute of Management and Technology2278-7925NA from September – 2019 to  October – 2021Discontinued from Oct. 2021
39PrajnaBanaras Hindu University0554-9884NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
40Proceedings of the Indian National Science AcademyIndian National Science Academy0370-00462454-9983 from September – 2019 to  September – 2021Indexed in Scopus
41Sampriti (print only)Sampriti Publication2454-3837NA from January – 2020 to  April – 2022Discontinued from April 2022
42ScenarioDepartment of German and Department of Theater, University College Cork1649-8526NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
43Screen BodiesBerghahn Journals2374-75522374-7560 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
44Shodh Sanchar Bulletin (print only)Shodh Sanchar Educational and Research Foundation2229-3620NA from September – 2019 to  April – 2021Discontinued from April 2021
45Shodh Sarita (print only)Shodh Sanchar Educational and Research Foundation2348-2397NA from September – 2019 to  April – 2021Discontinued from April 2021
46ShodhaHa Ma Na Research Centre, Shri. Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College2249-0396NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
47Shodha SamikshaRatha Seva Pratishthanam2249-5045NA from January – 2022 to  PresentView
48ShodhasamhitaKavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University2277-7067NA from April – 2021 to  PresentView
49South Asia ChronicleHumboldt- Universitat Zu BerlinNANA from July – 2020 to  PresentView
50Studies in Humanities and Social SciencesIndian Institute of Advanced Study0972-1401NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
51Tattva- SindhuCoomaraswamy Foundation2349-1426NA from January – 2021 to  PresentView
52Territory of Research on Settlements and the Environments: International Journal of Urban PlanningCentro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca L.U.P.T. University of Naples Federico IINA2281-4574 from September – 2019 to  PresentView
53Third Concept: An International Journal of IdeasThird Concept0970-7247NA from September – 2019 to  PresentView
54Urdu DuniyaNational Council for Promotion of Urdu Language2249-0639NA from September – 2019 to  PresentView
55VedavipashaCentral Sanskrit University2348-7828NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
56Water Economics and PolicyWorld Scientific Publishing2382-624X2382-6258 from June – 2019 to  January – 2020Indexed in Scopus
57Wesleyan Journal of ResearchBankura Christian College0975-1386NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
58Wisdom SpeaksIndian National Forum of Art and Culture2456-5121NA from October – 2021 to  PresentView
59Xplore- The Xavier’s Research JournalSt. Xavier’s College2249-1878NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
60Yoga- MimamsaKaivalyadhama Ashram0044-05072394-2487 from January – 2021 to  PresentView
61YojanaPublications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting0971-8400NA from July – 2021 to  PresentView
UGC CARE list of Multidisciplinary journals

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