Best UGC CARE journals | Top UGC approved journals

Below we are listing the best UGC-CARE journals. The top UGC CARE-approved journals are published by reputed publishers like Springer and Elsevier.

The following listed top UGC CARE journals are listed under UGC CARE group 1.

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17 best UGC CARE journals

S. No.JournalPublisherISSNE-ISSNStatus
1Applied Water ScienceSpringer2190-54872190-5495Indexed in Web of Science
2Arab Journal of Mathematical SciencesElsevier1319-5166
NAIndexed in Scopus
3Arabian Journal of MathematicsSpringer2193-53432193-5351Indexed in Scopus
4Current Opinion in Biomedical EngineeringElsevier2468-4511
NAIndexed in Scopus
5Asian Journal of Business EthicsSpringer2210-67232210-6731View
6Journal of Innovation and KnowledgeElsevier2444-569X
NAIndexed in Scopus and Web of Science
7Biological TheorySpringer1555-55421555-5550View
8Journal of Sustainable MiningElsevier2300-3960
NAIndexed in Scopus
5Complex Analysis and its SynergiesSpringerNA2197-120XView
9Journal of Nanostructure in ChemistrySpringer2008-9244
Indexed in Web of Science
10Mathematical SciencesSpringer2008-1359
Indexed in Web of Science
11Current Dermatology ReportsSpringerNA2162-4933Indexed in Scopus
12Nano ConvergenceSpringerNA2196-5404
Indexed in Scopus and Web of Science
13Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy ReportsSpringerNA2196-3010View
14Rheumatology and TherapySpringer2198-6576
Indexed in Web of Science
15Data Science and EngineeringSpringer2364-11852364-1541Indexed in Scopus
16Indian Journal of Gynecologic OncologySpringer2363-83972363-8400Indexed in Scopus
17International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied MathematicsSpringer0975-07700975-5616View
Best UGC CARE journals

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