(latest) UGC peer reviewed journals list

UGC peer reviewed journals

The UGC CARE list contains around 1000 research journals. This blog post aims to list UGC peer-reviewed journals under UGC Group 1, published by reputed publishers like Springer, Elsevier, etc; The various subjects are covered. Check UGC CARE journals UGC CARE adds and removes journals from its list every quarterly. So you are advised to … Read more

UGC CARE list Science journals

This blog post aims to provide the latest list of Science UGC CARE-approved journals. Complete UGC CARE List of journals 2024: Download Excel About UGC CARE: To develop an approach and methodology for the identification of good quality journals, the UGC-CARE has taken the responsibility of preparing the “UGC-CARE Reference List of Quality Journals” (UGC-CARE List). The UGC-CARE … Read more

Best UGC CARE journals | Top UGC approved journals

best UGC CARE journals

Below we are listing the best UGC-CARE journals. The top UGC CARE-approved journals are published by reputed publishers like Springer and Elsevier. The following listed top UGC CARE journals are listed under UGC CARE group 1. Download the UGC CARE list of journals 2023 17 best UGC CARE journals S. No. Journal Publisher ISSN E-ISSN … Read more

Free publishing Indian journals: UGC CARE, Scopus

There are many Indian research journals that publish good research. In this blog post, we will be listing a list of free publishing Indian research journals. These journals are indexed in UGC CARE/ Scopus. Most of the paid journals fall into the category of fake journals. It is always recommended to publish in Unpaid research … Read more

Newly added 36 Research Journals to UGC CARE (2021)

Newly added UGC Journals: Recently 36 research journals have been added to the UGC CARE List in 2021. UGC-CARE List is updated quarterly i.e. on the first of January, April, July, and October to continuously filter out the predatory research journals from the list and to add the reputed ones. Journals found to be involved … Read more

Paid UGC CARE journals with low publication charge

UGC Approved journals with low publication charges

Get the list of paid UGC CARE-approved journals that publish research papers at a low cost. In this blog post, We have provided a list of UGC-approved journals where researchers can publish their research with low publication charges. Some of these journals publish for free. Check the details of these journals and send your manuscript. … Read more