How to find UGC CARE listed journals?

When you wish to publish your research paper in a journal, it is important to find a suitable and target journal for your research. Many times, novice researchers face many hurdles to search reputed and target journals for their research. In this blog post, We will describe how to find a UGC CARE listed journal for your research.

Generally, the journal should be indexed in any of the major abstract indexing databases such as ISI, Scopus, SCI, SCI-E, ESCI, or UGC CARE approved journals. Because these journals follow the rigorous and standard way to analyze and publish the manuscripts.

Finding UGC CARE listed journals

In this blog post, We will describe three ways to find UGC CARE approved journals:

  1. Using the official website of UGC CARE.
  2. Use the UGC CARE journal finder.
  3. Download the complete list of UGC CARE journals.

Way 1: Official website of UGC CARE

  1. Visit the official website of UGC CARE.
  2. Make sure, you have a login to the account.

Way 2: UGC CARE journal finder

  1. Go to journal finder.
  2. From the drop-down list, Select UGC-approved journals.
  3. Enter keywords in the text box. Enter “science” in the text box, if you want to search UGC-approved journals for science subjects.
  4. Click on the Find Journals.
  5. Here you will see a list of UGC-approved journals you required.

Further, you can see the details of journals. Click on any journal title for getting more information about that journal.

Using the same way, you can also find Scopus and Web of Science-indexed journals.

Way 3: Download the UGC CARE journals list

  1. Go to this link.
  2. Download the UGC CARE journals list.

Objectives of the UGC-CARE

  • To promote quality research, academic integrity, and publication ethics in Indian universities.
  • To promote high-quality publications in reputed journals that would help in achieving higher global ranks.
  • To develop an approach and methodology for the identification of good-quality journals.
  • To prevent publications in predatory/dubious/sub-standard journals, which reflect adversely and tarnish the image of Indian academia.
  • To create and maintain a “UGC-CARE Reference List of Quality Journals” (UGC-CARE List) for all academic purposes.

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