UGC CARE Journals in Mathematics & Statistics

If you are finding UGC CARE Journals in Statistics & Mathematics, then you are at the right place. Below you can find the list of UGC-approved journals in Mathematics and Statistics.

All these journals are highly reputed. Publish your research papers with low publication charges and high acceptance rates.

UGC journals mathematics
UGC CARE Journals Statistics & Mathematics

How to publish in the UGC CARE list of Journals

  1. If your subject is mathematics or related, choose any journal from the below-given list.
  2. Prepare your manuscript according to the journal guidelines.
  3. Send the prepared manuscript and wait for a few days.

List of UGC CARE Journals in Mathematics & Statistics

Sr.No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNE-ISSNUGC-CARE coverage yearDetails
1Acta Universitatis ApulensisDepartment of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Alba Iulia1582-5329NA from June – 2019 to  October – 2020Discontinued from Oct. 2020
2Acta Universitatis Matthiae Belii Series MathematicsDepartment of Mathematics Faculty of Natural Sciences, Matej Bel University1338-712X1338-7111 from June – 2019 to  October – 2020Discontinued from Oct. 2020
3Advanced Science LettersAmerican Scientific Publishers1936-66121936-7317 from June – 2019 to  July – 2020Discontinued from July 2020
4Advances and Applications in Mathematical SciencesMili Publications0974-6803NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
5African Diaspora Journal of MathematicsMathematical Research Publisher1539-854XNA from June – 2019 to  July – 2022Discontinued from July 2022
6Afrika StatistikaStatistics and Probability African Society2316-090XNA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
7Albanian Journal of MathematicsDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics, Oakland University1930-1235NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
8Aligarh Journal of StatisticsDepartment of Statistics and Operations Research, Aligarh Muslim University0971-0388NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
9Annales Mathematiques Blaise PascalMathematical laboratory, Blaise Pascal University of Clermont-Ferrand1259-17342118-7436 from June – 2019 to  September – 2021Indexed in Scopus
10Annals of West University of Timisoara- Mathematics and Computer ScienceSciendo, De GruyterNA1841-3307 from June – 2019 to  October – 2020Discontinued from Oct. 2020
11Arab Journal of Mathematical SciencesElsevier1319-5166NA from June – 2019 to  July – 2020Indexed in Scopus
12Arabian Journal of MathematicsSpringer2193-53432193-5351 from June – 2019 to  September – 2020Indexed in Scopus
13Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society (print only)Calcutta Mathematical Society0008-0659NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
14Calcutta Statistical Association BulletinCalcutta Statistical Association0008-06832456-6462 from January – 2021 to  PresentView
15Communications Faculty of Sciences University of Ankara Series A1: Mathematics and StatisticsFaculty of Science, Ankara University1303-59912618-6470 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
16Complex Analysis and its SynergiesSpringerNA2197-120X from June – 2019 to  PresentView
17Computational Methods for Differential EquationsUniversity of Tabriz2345-39822383-2533 from June – 2019 to  January – 2022Discontinued from Jan. 2022
18Concrete OperatorsWalter de GruyterNA2299-3282 from June – 2019 to  September – 2020Indexed in Scopus
19Creative Mathematics and InformaticsDepatament of Mathematics and Computer Science, Tehnical University of Cluj- Napoca1584-286X1843-441X from June – 2019 to  PresentView
20Crux MathematicorumCanadian Mathematical Society1706-81421496-4309 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
21Cubo, A Mathematical JournalDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics, University of La Frontera0716-77760719-0646 from June – 2019 to  March – 2021Indexed in Scopus
22Differential Geometry- Dynamical SystemsBalkan Society of Geometers, Geometry Balkan PressNA1454-511X from June – 2019 to  PresentView
23Discussiones Mathematicae- General Algebra and ApplicationsFaculty of Mathematics Computer Science and Econometrics, University of Zielona Gora1509-94152084-0373 from June – 2019 to  September – 2020Indexed in Scopus
24Electronic Journal of Mathematical Analysis and ApplicationsDepartment of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Alexandria UniversityNA2090-729X from June – 2019 to  PresentView
25Fasciculi MathematiciPoznan University of Technology, Institute of Mathematics0044-4413NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
26Fractional Differential CalculusElement d.o.o.1847-9677NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
27GanitaBharata Ganita Parishada0046-5402NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
28Gulf Journal of MathematicsCanadian University of DubaiNA2309-4966 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
29Hardy Ramanujan JournalHardy- Ramanujan SocietyNANA from October – 2020 to  PresentView
30Indian Journal of Discrete MathematicsAcademy of Discrete Mathematics and ApplicationsNA2455-5819 from July – 2021 to  PresentView
31Information and Inference: A Journal of the IMAOxford University Press2049-87642049-8772 from June – 2019 to  September – 2020Indexed in Scopus
32IntegersColgate University and Charles UniversityNA1553-1732 from June – 2019 to  January – 2022Indexed in Scopus
33International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied MathematicsSpringer0975-07700975-5616 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
34International Journal of Applied Nonlinear ScienceInderscience Publishers1752-28621752-2870 from June – 2019 to  October – 2020Discontinued from Oct. 2020
35International Journal of Mathematics and StatisticsCentre for Environment and Socio- Economic Research Publications0974-71170973-8347 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
36International Journal of Statistics and Reliability EngineeringIndian Association for Reliability and Statistics2350-01742456-2378 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
37Involve: A Journal of Mathematics Mathematical Sciences Publishers1944-41761944-4184 from June – 2019 to  December – 2020Indexed in Scopus
38Iranian Journal of Mathematical ChemistryUniversity of Kashan2226-64892008-9015 from June – 2019 to  September – 2019Discontinued from Sept. 2019
39JnanabhaVijnana Parishad of India0304-98922455-7463 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
40Journal of Advanced Mathematical StudiesFair Partners Society for the Promotion of Science2065-35062065-5851 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
41Journal of Algebra and Related TopicsFaculty of Mathematical Sciences, University of Guilan2345-39312382-9877 from June – 2019 to  January – 2020Discontinued from Jan. 2020
42Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computational MechanicsInstitute of Mathematics, Czestochowa University of Technology2299-99652353-0588 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
43Journal of Classical AnalysisElement d.o.o.1848-59791848-5987 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
44Journal of Dynamical Systems and Geometric TheoriesTaylor and Francis1726-037X2169-0057 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
45Journal of Fractional Calculus and ApplicationsDepartment of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Alexandria University2090-584X2090-5858 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
46Journal of HyperstructuresUniversity of Mohaghegh Ardabili2251-84362322-1666 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
47Journal of Linear and Topological AlgebraCentral Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University2252-02012345-5934 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
48Journal of Mathematical Computational ScienceSCIK Publishing Corporation1927-5307NA from June – 2019 to  April – 2022Discontinued from Scopus
49Journal of Mathematical ExtensionIslamic Azad University, Shiraz Branch1735-82992476-7719 from June – 2019 to  April – 2022Discontinued from April 2022
50Journal of Mathematical Research with ApplicationsDalian University of Technology and China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics2095-2651NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
51Journal of OptimizationHindawi Limited2356-752X0231-4648 from June – 2019 to  April – 2021Discontinued from April 2021
52Journal of Partial Differential EquationsGlobal Science Press1000-940X2079-732X from June – 2019 to  PresentView
53Journal of Scientific ResearchFaculty of Sciences, Rajshahi University2070-02372070-0245 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
54Journal of Scientific ResearchInstitute of Science, Banaras Hindu University0447-9483NA from September – 2019 to  April – 2022Discontinued from April 2022
55Journal of Statistical Distributions and ApplicationsSpringerNA2195-5832 from June – 2019 to  September – 2019Indexed in Scopus
56Journal of Statistical Theory and ApplicationsAtlantis Press1538-78872214-1766 from June – 2019 to  September – 2021Indexed in Scopus
57Journal of Statistics Applications and ProbabilityNatural Sciences Publishing2090-84232090-8431 from June – 2019 to  September – 2019Indexed in Scopus
58Journal of the Calcutta Mathematical Society (print only)Calcutta Mathematical Society2231-5314NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
59Journal of the Chungcheong Mathematical SocietyThe Chungcheong Mathematical Society1226-35242383-6245 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
60Journal of the French Statistical SocietySociete Francaise De StatistiqueNA2102-6238 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
61Journal of the Indian Society for Probability and StatisticsIndian Society for Probability and StatisticsNA2364-9569 from January – 2021 to  PresentView
62Journal of the Indian Statistical AssociationIndian Statistical Association0537-2585NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
63Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical SocietyIndonesian Mathematical Society2086-89522460-0245 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
64Journal of the Korean Society of Mathematical Education Series B: The Pure and Applied MathematicsThe Korean Society of Mathematical Education1226-06572287-6081 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
65Khayyam Journal of MathematicsTusi Mathematical Research Group and Department of Pure Mathematics, Ferdowsi University of MashhadNA2423-4788 from June – 2019 to  September – 2019Indexed in Scopus
66Kobe Journal of MathematicsKobe University0289-9051NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
67Korean Journal of MathematicsKangwon-Kyungki Mathematical Society1976-86052288-1433 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
68Malaya Journal of MatematikUniversity Press2319-37862321-5666 from June – 2019 to  April – 2021Discontinued from April 2021
69Mathematical and Computational ApplicationsMDPI1300-686X2297-8747 from June – 2019 to  February – 2020Discontinued from Feb. 2020
70Mathematical ForumThe Registrar, Dibrugarh University0972-9852NA from April – 2020 to  PresentView
71Mathematical SciencesSpringer2008-13592251-7456 from June – 2019 to  September – 2020Indexed in Web of Science
72Mathematical Sciences and Applications E- NotesMathematical Sciences and Applications E- NotesNA2147-6268 from June – 2019 to  February – 2020Discontinued from Feb. 2020
73Mathematics in Engineering, Science and AerospaceCambridge Scientific Publishers2041-31650204-1316 from June – 2019 to  September – 2019Indexed in Scopus
74Nanosystems: Physics, Chemistry, MathematicsSt. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics2220-80542305-7971 from June – 2019 to  September – 2021Indexed in Scopus
75New Zealand Journal of MathematicsDepartment of Mathematics, The University of AucklandNA1179-4984 from June – 2019 to  April – 2022Indexed in Scopus
76Proceeding in Applied Mathematics and MechanicsGAMM- Association of Applied Mathematics and MechanicsNA1617-7061 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
77Punjab University Journal of MathematicsDepartment of Mathematics, University of Punjab1016-2526NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
78Ratio MathematicaAcademy of Piceno Aprutina Dei Velati1592-74152282-8214 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
79Review of Science, Mathematics and ICT EducationDepartment of Educational Science and Early Childhood Education, University of Patras1791-261X1792-3999 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
80Sao Paulo Journal of Mathematical SciencesSpringer1982-69072316-9028 from June – 2019 to  September – 2019Indexed in Scopus
81Sarajevo Journal of MathematicsDepartment of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina1840-06552233-1964 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
82Scientific Studies and Research, Series Mathematics and InformaticsVasile Alecsandri University of Bacau2457-497X2067-3566 from June – 2019 to  July – 2021Discontinued from July 2021
83Sema JournalSpringer2254-39022281-7875 from June – 2019 to  January – 2022Indexed in Scopus
84Serdica Mathematical JournalBulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics1310-6600NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
85South East Asian Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical SciencesRamanujan Society of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences0972-7752NA from June – 2019 to  July – 2022Indexed in Scopus
86Southeast Asian Bulletin of MathematicsDepartment of Mathematics, Yunnan University0129-20210219-175X from June – 2019 to  PresentView
87StatisticaDepartment of Statistical Sciences Paolo Fortunato, University of Bologna0390-590X1973-2201 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
88Statistics and ApplicationsSociety of Statistics, Computer and ApplicationsNA2454-7395 from September – 2019 to  PresentView
89Stochastic Modeling and ApplicationsMUK Publications and Distributions0972-3641NA from June – 2019 to  July – 2022Discontinued from July 2022
90The Electronic International Journal Advanced Modeling and OptimizationResearch Institute for InformaticsNA1841-4311 from June – 2019 to  October – 2020Discontinued from Oct. 2020
91The Journal of AnalysisForum D’ AnalystesNA2367-2501 from June – 2019 to  September – 2021Indexed in Scopus
92The Journal of the Numismatic Society of India (print only)Numismatic Society of India, Banaras Hindu University0029-6066NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
93The Mathematical GazetteCambridge University Press0025-55722056-6328 from June – 2019 to  September – 2020Indexed in Scopus
94The Mathematics EducatorAssociation of Mathematics Educators0218-9100NA from June – 2019 to  July – 2021Discontinued from July 2021
95The Mathematics StudentIndian Mathematical Society0025-5742NA from June – 2019 to  December – 2020Indexed in Scopus
96Topological Algebra and its ApplicationsWalter de GruyterNA2299-3231 from June – 2019 to  July – 2022Indexed in Scopus
97Transactions on CombinatoricsUniversity of Isfahan2251-86572251-8665 from June – 2019 to  September – 2019Indexed in Scopus
98TWMS Journal of Pure and Applied MathematicsTurkic World Mathematical Society2076-25852219-1259 from June – 2019 to  March – 2021Indexed in Web of Science
99Vigyan Garima SindhuCommission for Scientific and Technical TerminologyNA2320-7736 from September – 2019 to  PresentView
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