Types of plagiarism | 5 Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in research

avoid plagiarism, types of plagiarism

In this post, we have described how to avoid plagiarism in research. In addition, we have provided information like what is plagiarism, types of plagiarism, common reasons for plagiarism, 5 ways to avoid plagiarism, consequences of plagiarism, and plagiarism checker software programs. About Plagiarism Plagiarism in research is a method of copying others’ work without … Read more

UGC guidelines for plagiarism | Levels of plagiarism as per UGC regulation 2018

UGC guidelines for plagiarism

This blog post aims to provide details regarding UGC guidelines for plagiarism. UGC REGULATIONS, 2018 for PROMOTION OF ACADEMIC INTEGRITY AND PREVENTION OF PLAGIARISM IN HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS The following rules related to Plagiarism shall apply to the students, faculty, researchers and staff of all Higher Educational Institutions in the country. Objectives To create awareness … Read more