How to guess passwords of website using Brute Force Method? | Password Hacking in 2020.

I have also searched everywhere on the internet how to hack website for example, hacking the Instagram passwords, Facebook passwords etc. But I never found any article or video beneficial. After searching thoroughly for more than three days, I made a very effective Script in Python for password stealing, and it is effective. Here below, … Read more

Send WhatsApp message using Python Script. | WhatsApp Automation using python code.

  You can send a message to your friend through the code. Even the message can be sent later. Steps to send WhatsApp message automatically: Install library Write the two line code. Execute the code.   Installing the Library: Write pip install pywhatkit in the command terminal Python Code: import pywhatkit pywhatkit.sendwhatmsg(‘9797######’ ‘Happy birthday’, 8,08) … Read more

Converting image into sketch using python

 Here in this post, we presented a very easy python code to convert any image into sketch. First of all you need to install OpenCv Library: pip install  opencv-python Python Code: from cv2 import cv2image=cv2.imread(“E:/Drive/msc/anshucln/Images/420.jpg”)gray_image=cv2.cvtColor(image,cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY)inverted=255-gray_imageblurred=cv2.GaussianBlur(inverted,(21,21),0)invertedblur=255-blurredpencilsketch=cv2.divide(gray_image,invertedblur,scale=256.0) cv2.imwrite(“E:/Drive/msc/anshucln/Images/42111.jpg”,pencilsketch)

covid 19 python project | Latest Covid data analysis udsing Juypter Notebook

 Code and Output is provided bolow: 1. import pandas as pd 2. import seaborn as sn 3. import matplotlib.pyplot as plt 4. data=pd.read_csv(‘C:/Users/sunny/Desktop/MACHINE             LEARNING/python_project/coviddata.csv’) data.head() 5. data.columns 6. data.count() 7. data=data.drop([“date”, “total_cases”, “total_deaths”, “weekly_cases”, “weekly_deaths”, “biweekly_cases”,”biweekly_deaths”], axis=1) 8. data.columns 9. data.rename( columns={     “new_cases”: “cases”,     “new_deaths”: “deaths” },  inplace=True … Read more

Learn Web Scraping in one Post | 2020

 Web Scraping is the process of retrieving the web information automatically using bots. Here in this tutorial, we used Python. IDE used: Visual Editor. Programming Language: Python. Steps to perform: Step 1:  Open the Visual Editor or any editor, and Install the following dependencies: pip install requests pip install bs4 pip install html5lib Step 2: … Read more

How to build a simple spam-detection machine learning classifier? | Spam email-detection python code

 In this post, i have created a simple python based project for spam detection. For instance, if someone comments somewhere, that comment can be detected by using the following code. Requirement: You need to download an IDE. In my case, i am using Visual Editor. You need to have Python downloaded in your computer. Source … Read more