Explaining steps by steps for Instagram Password hacking using Python. Download the Python Script.

I know everyone who is reading this post wants to become a hacker. Here in this post, you will be able to download a python script for hacking any Instagram account.

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I have also searched the whole web for ‘how to hack Instagram account’ and I hardly got any article or video very useful. But I got some ideas which help me to create a script to hack Instagram accounts. However, you can use this python script for hacking password for any website.
Let me clear you, it is not so easy to guess passwords instantly. It may take a time period from one minute to years. It all depends upon how easy the password the user has set up.  For instance, the passwords like aaaaaa, qwerty, zxcvbnm, or the password contains only characters are very easy to guess. 
In this post, we are using web automation. Using automation, we can login to any website automatically using username and password in the python script.
Here in the following script, the username needs to write in the code and password is being taken from a .txt file. Actually the .txt file contains mostly used password on the web. One can also expand this .txt file.

How to implement the code:
  1. Open an IDE (Code Editor): There are many IDEs for Python Code like Idle, Pycharm, Visual Studio Code and many others.
  2. Paste the following given code.
  3. Run the code.
As you run the code, it will redirected to the instagram login page. The username field of login page is taken from the python and the password will be taken from the .txt file one by one. It will keep running till check the last password from the .txt file or successfull login to the instagram account.

Copy the following python code and run on your computer

Note: # symbol is used for creating the comments in python programming langugage.

from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys
from selenium.common.exceptions import NoSuchElementException
from time import sleep

#webdriver = webdriver.Firefox()

PATH=”C:Program Fileschromedriver.exe”

username = webdriver.find_element_by_name(‘username’)

username.send_keys(‘username’) # write the username of account you want to hack.

password = webdriver.find_element_by_name(‘password’)
def display(a):
print(“log in password “+a)
for i in passfile:
submit = webdriver.find_element_by_tag_name(‘form’)
b=webdriver.find_element_by_xpath(“//button[contains(text(), ‘Not Now’)]”)
except NoSuchElementException:
if c!=url2:

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