Scopus indexed journals in economics

Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings. Scopus is currently indexing nearly 36,377 journals from approximately 11,678 publishers. In this blog post, we will be listing Scopus-indexed economics journals.

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There are more than 1200 Scopus indexed journals that publish economics-related research. However, we are listing the top 25 Scopus indexed economics journals. More economics journals can be found at

Top 25 Scopus indexed economics Journals

S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNJournal ScopeSJR
1American Economic Journal: MacroeconomicsAmerican Economic Association19457707, 19457715Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous) (Q1)9.804
2Journal of Economic LiteratureAmerican Economic Association220515Economics and Econometrics (Q1)9.445
3American Economic Journal: Economic PolicyAmerican Economic Association19457731, 1945774XEconomics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous) (Q1)8.636
4Review of Economics and StatisticsMIT Press Journals00346535, 15309142Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Social Sciences (miscellaneous) (Q1)8.245
5Journal of Economic PerspectivesAmerican Economic Association8953309Economics and Econometrics (Q1)7.785
6Journal of MarketingAmerican Marketing Association15477185, 00222429Business and International Management (Q1); Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Marketing (Q1)7.461
7Journal of Accounting and EconomicsElsevier1654101Accounting (Q1); Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Finance (Q1)7.346
8Review of Corporate Finance StudiesOxford University Press20469136, 20469128Business and International Management (Q1); Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Finance (Q1)7.118
9Journal of Consumer ResearchOxford University Press00935301, 15375277Anthropology (Q1); Arts and Humanities (miscellaneous) (Q1); Business and International Management (Q1); Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Marketing (Q1)7.117
10Annual Review of EconomicsAnnual Reviews Inc.19411383, 19411391Economics and Econometrics (Q1)6.847
11NBER Macroeconomics AnnualUniversity of Chicago Press15372642, 08893365Economics and Econometrics (Q1)6.688
12Marketing ScienceINFORMS Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences07322399, 1526548XBusiness and International Management (Q1); Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Marketing (Q1)6.584
13Journal of Accounting ResearchWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd1475679X, 00218456Accounting (Q1); Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Finance (Q1)5.922
14American Economic Journal: MicroeconomicsAmerican Economic Association19457669, 19457685Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous) (Q1)5.678
15Journal of the European Economic AssociationWiley-Blackwell15424774, 15424766Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous) (Q1)5.535
16Journal of Labor EconomicsUniversity of Chicago0734306X, 15375307Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Industrial Relations (Q1)5.389
17Journal of Marketing ResearchAmerican Marketing Association00222437, 15477193Business and International Management (Q1); Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Marketing (Q1)5.372
18Annual Review of Financial EconomicsAnnual Reviews Inc.19411367, 19411375Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Finance (Q1)5.368
19Journal of Business and Economic StatisticsTaylor and Francis Ltd.07350015, 15372707Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Social Sciences (miscellaneous) (Q1); Statistics and Probability (Q1); Statistics, Probability and Uncertainty (Q1)5.241
20Journal of Financial IntermediationAcademic Press Inc.10960473, 10429573Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Finance (Q1)5.166
21Economic JournalWiley-Blackwell14680297, 00130133Economics and Econometrics (Q1)5.108
22Journal of Public EconomicsElsevier472727Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Finance (Q1)5.089
23Review of Asset Pricing StudiesOxford University Press20459920, 20459939Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Finance (Q1)5.051
24Brookings Papers on Economic ActivityBrookings Institution Press00072303, 15334465Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous) (Q1); Economics and Econometrics (Q1)5.021
25Strategic Entrepreneurship JournalJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.19324391, 1932443XBusiness and International Management (Q1); Economics and Econometrics (Q1); Strategy and Management (Q1)4.839
Scopus indexed journals in economics

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