Free (Non- Paid) Scopus Journals

Most of the Scopus-indexed journals are paid, and a few journals indexed by Scopus publish free of cost.

In this post, we have provided a list of top Free (Non- Paid) Scopus Journals. These journals are published by popular publishers with a rigorous publication process.

List of Free (Non-Paid) Scopus Journals

1. International Journal on Emerging Technologies

  • Publisher: Resesarch Trend
  • ISSN No.: 2249-3255

2. International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering, and Management Sciences

  • Publisher: IJMEMS
  • ISSN No.:2455-7749
  • Quartile: Q2
  • SJR: 0.332

3. Journal of Engineering Education Transformations

  • Publisher: Rajarambapu Institute Of Technology
  • ISSN No.:2394-1707
  • Quartile: Q3
  • SJR: 0.214

4. Journal of Information and Communication Technology

  • Publisher: Universiti Utara Malaysia Press
  • ISSN No.:2180-3862
  • Quartile: Q3
  • SJR: 0.338

5. International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems

  • Publisher: University of Bahrain
  • ISSN No.:2210-142X
  • Quartile: Q3
  • SJR: 0.206

6. International Journal of Management Science and Engineering management

  • Publisher: Taylor and Prancis
  • ISSN No.: 1750-9661
  • Quartile: Q1
  • SJR: 0.783

7. International Review of Research In Open and Distance Learning

  • Publisher: Athabasca University
  • ISSN No.:1492-3831
  • Quartile: Q1
  • SJR: 1.322

8. International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

Publisher: The School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Institut Teknologi Bandung

P-ISSN: 20856830

9. Big Data Research

Publisher: Elsevier Inc.

P-ISSN: 22145796

Quartile: Q1

SJR: 0.994

10. BioSocieties

Publisher: Springer

ISSN: 17458560

Quartile: Q2

SJR: 0.59

11. Cognitive Systems Research

Publisher: Elsevier

P-ISSN: 13890417

Quartile: Q1

SJR: 1.095

12. Expert Systems with Applications

Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.

P-ISSN: 9574174

Quartile: Q1

SJR: 2.07

13. Journal of Computational Science

Publisher: Elsevier

P-ISSN: 18777503

Quartile: Q1

SJR: 0.991

14. Computers and Graphics

Publisher: Computers and Graphics

P-ISSN: 978493

Quartile: Q1

SJR: 0.925

15. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Publisher: Elsevier 

ISSN No.: 9521976

Quartile: Q1

SJR: 1.734

16. International Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation

Publisher: Taiwan Association of Engineering and Technology Innovation

ISSN No.: 2226809X, 22235329

Quartile: Q4

SJR: 0.205

17. International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management sciences

Publisher: International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences

ISSN No.: 24557749

Quartile: Q2

SJR: 0.332

19. Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology

Publisher: Prince of Songkla University

ISSN No.: 1253395

Quartile: Q3

SJR: 0.76

20. Walailak Journal of Science and Technology

Publisher: Walailak University

ISSN No.: 16863933

Quartile: Q3

SJR: 0.166

21. Asian Journal of Social Science

Publisher: Elsevier 

ISSN No.: 15684849, 15685314

Quartile: Q4

SJR: 0.122

22. International Social Science Journal

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

ISSN No.: 00208701, 14682451

Quartile: Q2

SJR: 0.363

23. Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Science

Publisher: Johar Education Society Pakistan

ISSN No.: 19978553, 23098619

Quartile: Q3

SJR: 0.321

24. International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development

Publisher: Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.

ISSN No.: 17418127, 14684330

Quartile: Q4

SJR: 0.153

25. Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering

Publisher: Engg Journals Publications

ISSN No.: 09765166, 22313850

Quartile: Q4

SJR: 0.126

26. Genes And Diseases

Publisher: Elsevier 

ISSN No.: 23523042

Quartile: Q1

SJR: 1.563

27. Journal Of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences

Publisher: Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

ISSN No.: 20957548

Quartile: Q3

SJR: 0.196

How researchers can find more free Scopus indexed journals?

Many researchers comment below and ask me for free publishing Scopus indexed journals that publish in their respective fields. I always try to reply to every person. However, sometimes it is difficult.
Researchers can find themselves the list of free publishing journals subject-wise from this site:

Newly added Scopus journals in 2022

Scopus indexed Multidisciplinary Journals- 2022

Scopus Indexed Journals with low-cost publication fee- 2022

Download the Scopus indexed journal list 2022 pdf/ Xls

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  1. Greetings Sir! I have gone through the list of free Scopus indexed journals stated above and did not see anyone earmarked for education.
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    • Sir, I want to publish my paper in Scopus free/paid journal. max. the amount I can afford is Rs. 10,000/- .please suggest to me the Journals. Keywords – Anaerobic Digestion, Fuzzy Logic, Optimization, Renewable Energy, Genetic Algorithm

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  3. Hello please your recommendation is required for free considerably fast publication journal on Entrepreneurship and small business and Sustainable development. Scopus Q1/Q2


  4. Sir, I would like to publish a paper on anti-tobacco advertisements and it effect on adolescents. Kindly suggest a scopus indexed journal free of cost.

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    i want to publish a research article in a pharmacology based journal’s so kindly suggest me a free ( non Paid ) journals in india

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    Kindly send me the list of non paid medicine, public health, psychiatry journals under the publication of Wiley Online Library for publication please. could i get call for paper notifications of non paid springer journals.

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    is there a free scopus journal for the prevention of liver infection with plant extracts? give me a list of trusted journals for publication, thanks a lot

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    Would appreciate if you can suggest no fee or low fee marketing SCOPUS journal for publishing a part of my PhD study based on Augmented Reality.


  10. Greetings Sir,
    Kindly provide the list of non paid (totally free) artificial intelligent, computer vision and deep learning applications journals under the publication of Elsevier or Springer for publication please. Many of the journals have checked required one kind of payment or the other.

  11. Dear Dr Sunny,
    I am a PhD student working on water filtration membranes using biomaterials. kindly refer me to appropriate Scopus free fee (non paid) Journals to publish my research papers.

    kind regards

  12. I am Prabha,Research Scholar,Department of education,I want to publish my paper SSCI journal.Please give your suggestion Sir.

  13. Dear sir , kindly suggest free (scopus) journal list, in the domain of network security and wireless sensor network security to publish my papers

  14. Dear Sir;
    Please recommend to me on which journal(free of charges) shall I publish my article on food Science , then Tourism and Hospitality

  15. Greeting sir, as i checked over the list – International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informatics have APC of USD250.

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    I want to publish an article in free Scopus journal. Article related to the field of IT (Big data Analysis). please help me out with the procedures and proper format.

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    Thank you

  21. Dear sir, please provide me a link of SCI journal with free publication regarding postharvest technologies of fruit/horticulture/plant immunity.

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    Kindly suggest me non-paid scopus journals for english language and literature, cultural studies & film studies

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    I would like to publish my works on geodesy and remote sensing of the Earth with a focus on agriculture and sustainable development in a Scopus journal. What free journals could be suitable for me?
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