Chemistry UGC CARE approved journals

This blog post aims to provide the latest list of chemistry UGC CARE-approved journals.

Complete UGC CARE List of journals 2024: Download Excel

About UGC CARE: To develop an approach and methodology for the identification of good quality journals, the UGC-CARE has taken the responsibility of preparing the “UGC-CARE Reference List of Quality Journals” (UGC-CARE List). The UGC-CARE List has only TWO groups:

  1. UGC-CARE List Group I: Journals found qualified through UGC-CARE protocols.
  2. UGC-CARE List Group II: Journals indexed in globally recognized databases (Scopus, Web of Science).

In this post, we will be providing the Chemistry journals that are in the UGC CARE list Group 1. More Chemistry journals can be found at These UGC-approved journals publish at a minimum cost. In fact, many journals publish for free.

How to publish in the UGC CARE list of Journals

  1. If your subject is chemistry or related, choose any journal from the below-given list.
  2. Prepare your manuscript according to the journal guidelines.
  3. Send the prepared manuscript and wait for a few days.

List of UGC CARE journals in chemistry

Sr.No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNE-ISSNUGC-CARE coverage yearDetails
1AIMS Molecular ScienceAIMS PressNA2372-0301 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
2Analytical Chemistry LettersTaylor and Francis2229-79282230-7532 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
3Applied Biological ResearchCentre for Advancement of Applied Science0972-09790974-4517 from October – 2021 to  PresentView
4Asian Journal of Organic and Medicinal ChemistryAsian Publication CorporationNA2456-8937 from June – 2019 to  July – 2022Discontinued from July 2022
5Bharatiya Vaigyanik Evam Audyogik Anusandhan PatrikaNational Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources0771-77060975-2412 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
6Biochemistry InsightsSage Publications1178-62641178-6264 from June – 2019 to  July – 2020Discontinued from July 2020
7Biotechnology Research and InnovationElsevier2452-0721NA from June – 2019 to  October – 2020Discontinued from Oct. 2020
8Chemistry and Biology InterfaceIndian Society of Chemists and BiologistsNA2249-4820 from June – 2019 to  January – 2020Discontinued from Jan. 2020
9Current CatalysisBentham Science Publishers2211-54472211-5455 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
10Current Green ChemistryBentham Science Publishers2213-34612213-347X from June – 2019 to  PresentView
11Current Microwave ChemistryBentham Science Publishers2213-33562213-3364 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
12Current Physical ChemistryBentham Science Publishers1877-94681877-9476 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
13Current Traditional MedicineBentham Science Publishers2215-08382215-0846 from June – 2019 to  September – 2021Indexed in Scopus
14Defence Life Science JournalDefence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre2456-379X2456-0537 from September – 2019 to  September – 2020Indexed in Scopus
15EntomonAssociation for Advancement of Entomology0377-9335NA from January – 2021 to  PresentView
16Environmental and Experimental BiologyUniversity of Latvia1691-80882255-9582 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
17Genomics and Computational BiologyJohannes Gutenberg UniversityNA2365-7154 from June – 2019 to  October – 2020Discontinued from Oct. 2020
18International Journal of ElectrochemistryHindawi Limited2090-35292090-3537 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
19Iranian Journal of Mathematical ChemistryUniversity of Kashan2226-64892008-9015 from June – 2019 to  September – 2019Discontinued from Sept. 2019
20Journal of Advanced Scientific ResearchSciensageNA0976-9595 from June – 2019 to  January – 2022Discontinued from Jan. 2022
21Journal of Applied Biology and BiotechnologyOpen Science Publishers2455-70052347-212X from June – 2019 to  September – 2019Discontinued from Sept. 2019
22Journal of Applied GeochemistryIndian Society of Applied Geochemists0972-19672319-4316 from October – 2020 to  PresentView
23Journal of Nanostructure in ChemistrySpringer2008-92442193-8865 from June – 2019 to  September – 2020Indexed in Web of Science
24Journal of Proteins and ProteomicsProteomics Society of India0975-81512524-4663 from October – 2020 to  PresentView
25Journal of Scientific ResearchFaculty of Sciences, Rajshahi University2070-02372070-0245 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
26Journal of Scientific ResearchInstitute of Science, Banaras Hindu University0447-9483NA from September – 2019 to  April – 2022Discontinued from April 2022
27Journal of Scientific TemperNational Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources2278-27882278-2796 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
28Journal of Self- Assembly and Molecular ElectronicsRiver Publishers2245-45512245-8824 from June – 2019 to  January – 2022Discontinued from Jan. 2022
29Journal of Stress Physiology and BiochemistryDeclaration on Research AssessmentNA1997-0838 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
30Journal of Taibah University for ScienceElsevierNA1658-3655 from June – 2019 to  September – 2019Indexed in Web of Science
31Karbala International Journal of Modern ScienceUniversity of Karbala2405-609X2405-6103 from June – 2019 to  January – 2020Indexed in Scopus
32Malaysian Journal of ChemistryInstitute Kimia MalaysiaNA2550-1658 from June – 2019 to  December – 2020Indexed in Scopus
33Nanosystems: Physics, Chemistry, MathematicsSt. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics2220-80542305-7971 from June – 2019 to  September – 2021Indexed in Scopus
34Plant BiotechnologyInstitute of Plant Biotechnology, Central University “Marta Abreu”1609-18412074-8647 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
35Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences- An International JournalCentre for Advanced Research in Agricultural Sciences0976-16752249-4538 from September – 2019 to  PresentView
36Romanian Journal of BiophysicsRomanian Society of Pure and Applied Biophysics1220-515X1843-424X from June – 2019 to  PresentView
37Stochastic Modeling and ApplicationsMUK Publications and Distributions0972-3641NA from June – 2019 to  July – 2022Discontinued from July 2022
38The Journal of Cytology and GeneticsSociety of Cytologists and Geneticists0253-7605NA from June – 2019 to  PresentView
39Vigyan PrakashLok Vigyan Parishad1549-523XNA from April – 2020 to  PresentView
40World Journal of Chemical EducationScience and Education Publishing2375-16652375-1657 from June – 2019 to  PresentView
Chemistry UGC CARE approved journals

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