UGC CARE Arts and Humanities Journals

This blog post aims to provide the latest list of Arts and Humanities UGC CARE-approved journals.

Complete UGC CARE List of journals: Download Excel

About UGC CARE: To develop an approach and methodology for the identification of good quality journals, the UGC-CARE has taken the responsibility of preparing the “UGC-CARE Reference List of Quality Journals” (UGC-CARE List). The UGC-CARE List has only TWO groups:

  1. UGC-CARE List Group I: Journals found qualified through UGC-CARE protocols.
  2. UGC-CARE List Group II: Journals indexed in globally recognized databases (Scopus, Web of Science).

In this post, we will be providing the Arts and Humanities journals that are in the UGC CARE list Group 1. More Arts and Humanities journals can be found at These UGC-approved journals publish at a minimum cost. In fact, many journals publish for free.

How to publish in the UGC CARE list of Journals

  1. If your subject is Arts and Humanities or related, choose any journal from the below-given list.
  2. Prepare your manuscript according to the journal guidelines.
  3. Send the prepared manuscript and wait for a few days.

The list of Subjects comes under Arts and Humanities

  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Geography
  • Law
  • Media Studies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Physical Education
  • Fashion Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • Informatics Practices
  • Human Rights and Gender Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Others

List of UGC CARE Journals in Arts and Humanities

Sr.No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNE-ISSNUGC-CARE coverage yearDetails
1Aabru (print only)Aabru2456-253XNA from April – 2020  to  PresentView
2Aadhunik Sahitya (print only)Vishwa Hindi Sahitya Parishad2277-7083NA from April – 2021  to  PresentView
3Aalochan Drishti (print only)Aalochan Drishti Prakashan2455-4219NA from April – 2021  to  January – 2022Discontinued from Jan. 2022
4AashwastBharati Dalit Sahitya Academy Madhyapradesh2456-8856NA from July – 2021  to  PresentView
5AavanamTamil Nadu Archaeological SocietyNANA from September – 2019  to  PresentView
6Acta Germanica: German Studies in AfricaAssociation for German Studies in Southern Africa0065-1273NA from June – 2019  to  PresentView
7Adab-O-SaqafatMaulana Azad National Urdu University2455-0248NA from October – 2020  to  PresentView
8Aitihya- The HeritageAitihya Samstha2229-5399NA from June – 2019  to  PresentView
9Aiwan- e- UrduUrdu Academy2321-2888NA from April – 2020  to  PresentView
10AjasraAkhila Bharatiya Sanskrit Parishad2278-3741NA from January – 2022  to  PresentView
11Ajkal UrduPublications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting0971-846XNA from April – 2020  to  PresentView
12Akshar Wangmay (print only)Pratik Prakashan2229-4929NA from June – 2019  to  PresentView
13Akshara (print only)Madhyapradesh Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti2456-7167NA from September – 2019  to  PresentView
14Akshargatha (print only)Balivansh Prakashan0976-2957NA from June – 2019  to  PresentView
15Al Basul IslamiMajlis-e-Sahafat-o-Nashriyat, Nadvatul Ulema2347-2456NA from September – 2019  to  PresentView
16Al- Jeel Al- JadeedAl- Jeel Al- Jadeed2581-3455NA from September – 2019  to  PresentView
17Al- TilmeezJammu and Kashmir Higher Education Department at Government Press Srinagar2394-6628NA from September – 2019  to  February – 2020Discontinued from Feb. 2020
18Alehsaan (print only)Centre for Research on Islamic Studies and Sufism, Shah Safi Academy2348-2826NA from July – 2022  to  PresentView
19Aligarh Journal of LinguisticsDepartment of Linguistics, Aligarh Muslim University2249-1511NA from July – 2020  to  PresentView
20Alochana (print only)Rajkamal Prakashan2231-6329NA from June – 2019  to  PresentView
21Alochona Chakra (print only)Chiranjib Sur2231-3990NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
22Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen MediaUniversity College CorkNA2009-4078 from June – 2019  to  PresentView
23Ammanudi (print only)Samala Ramesh Babu2582-8738NA from April – 2020  to  PresentView
24Amnayiki (print only)Department of Veda, Sanskrit Vidya Dharma Vigyan, Banaras Hindu University2277-4270NA from January – 2022  to  PresentView
25AmphoraSociety for Classical Studies, New York University1542-23641542-2380 from June – 2019  to  July – 2020Discontinued from July 2020
26Anandam Journal of Anundoram Borooah Institute of Language, Art and Culture, AssamAnundoram Borooah Institute of Language, Art and Culture2394-9023NA from April – 2022  to  PresentView
27AnanyaGoa Konkani AkademiNANA from January – 2022  to  PresentView
28Anhad LokVyanjana Art and Culture Society2349-137XNA from October – 2021  to  PresentView
29Anikethana (print only)Karnataka Sahithya AcademyNANA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
30Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (print only)Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute0378-1143NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
31Anusandhanvallari (print only)Shri Pattabhirama Shastri Veda Mimamsa Anusandhan Kendra2229-3388NA from October – 2020  to  PresentView
32Anustup (print only)Anustup Prakashani0974-2697NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
33Anuvad (print only)Bhartiya Anuvad Parishad0003-6218NA from June – 2019  to  PresentView
34Anvesan (print only)Department of Assamese, Gauhati University2250-2475NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
35Apeiron- A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and ScienceWalter de Gruyter0003-6390NA from June – 2019  to  September – 2020Indexed in Scopus
36AranyakamSanskrit Prasar Parishad0975-0061NA from January – 2021  to  PresentView
37Archaeology InternationalUCL Institute of Archaeology1463-17252048-4194 from June – 2019  to  PresentView
38Archiv fur das Studium der neueren Sprachen und LiteraturenErich Schmidt Verlag0003-8970NA from January – 2020  to  September – 2020Indexed in Web of Science
39Arimaa Nokku (print only)Arimaa Nokku2320-4842NA from April – 2020  to  PresentView
40Aruhu Kuruhu (print only)Rathana Halathi Somashekar2347-5048NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
41Asmitadarsh (print only)Dr. Gangadhar PantawaneNANA from June – 2019  to  PresentView
42Assonance: A Journal of Russian and Comparative Literary StudiesDepartment of Russian and Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Calicut2394-7853NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
43Atishay KalitAtishay Kalit2277-419XNA from January – 2022  to  PresentView
44Bahuri Nahi Awana (print only)Anang Prakashan2320-7604NA from October – 2021  to  PresentView
45Bahurupee (print only)Sangeet Natak AkademiNANA from April – 2020  to  PresentView
46Bahuvachan (print only)Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwa Vidyalaya2348-4586NA from September – 2019  to  PresentView
47Banaas JanNotnul Publisher2231-6558NA from September – 2019  to  PresentView
48Bengal Past and Present (print only)Calcutta Historical Society0005-8807NA from June – 2019  to  April – 2022Discontinued from April 2022
49Between the SpeciesCalifornia Polytechnic State UniversityNA1945-8487 from June – 2019  to  PresentView
50Bhairavi (print only)Mithilanchal Sangeet Parishad0975-5217NA from October – 2021  to  PresentView
51Bharatha PathrikaR. Hariparasad2277-5471NA from September – 2019  to  January – 2020Discontinued from Jan. 2020
52Bharatiy Itihas ani Sanskruti (print only)Itihas Shanshodan Mandal2250-1185NA from June – 2019  to  PresentView
53BhashaCentral Hindi DirectorateNA0523-1418 from June – 2019  to  PresentView
54Bhasha ani Jeevan (print only)Marathi Abhyas Parishad2231-4059NA from June – 2019  to  PresentView
55Bhasvati (print only)Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidhaypeetha0976-9196NA from January – 2021  to  PresentView
56Bhav Anubhandh (print only)Marathi Sahitya MandalNANA from June – 2019  to  PresentView
57BhavaveenaBhavaveena2456-4702NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
58BiolinguisticsDepartment of English Studies, University of CyprusNA1450-3417 from June – 2019  to  September – 2021Indexed in Scopus
59Black CameraIndiana University Press1536-31551947-4237 from June – 2019  to  December – 2020Indexed in Scopus
60Bookbird: A Journal of Internatinal Children’s LiteratureThe Johns Hopkins University Press1918-69830006-7377 from June – 2019  to  September – 2019Indexed in Scopus
61Brahmavidya: The Adyar Library Bulletin (print only)The Adyar library and Research Centre0972-2106NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
62ChengazhiDepartment of Malayalam, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit2581-9585NA from April – 2021  to  PresentView
63Chintan- SrijanAstha Bharati0973-1490NA from September – 2019  to  PresentView
64Chinthana Bayalu (print only)Reshma G. Bhat2278-2192NA from April – 2020  to  PresentView
65Chinuku- Maasa Patrika (print only)Chinuku Publications2455-4111NA from July – 2020  to  PresentView
66CLIO- An Annual Interdisciplinary Journal of History (print only)Corpus Research Institute0976-075XNA from June – 2019  to  PresentView
67CognitextesAssociation Francaise de Linguistique CognitiveNA1958-5322 from June – 2019  to  PresentView
68Comparative PhilosophyCenter for Comparative Philosophy, San Jose State UniversityNA2151-6014 from June – 2019  to  PresentView
69Critic: Journal of the Centre of Russian StudiesCentre of Russian Studies, School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University2229-7146NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
70DabeerAhmad Naved Yasir Azlan Hyder, Dabeer Hasan Memorial Library2394-5567NA from July – 2022  to  PresentView
71Dance Education in PracticeTaylor and Francis2373-48332373-4841 from June – 2019  to  PresentView
72DarsanikiDepartment of Philosophy, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith2230-7435NA from September – 2019  to  PresentView
73Darshnik TraimasikAkhil Bhartiya Darshan Parishad0974-8849NA from October – 2020  to  PresentView
74Dastak (print only)Department of Urdu, Faculty of Arts, Banaras Hindu UniversityNANA from October – 2020  to  PresentView
75Dastavej (print only)Central Institute of Hindi2348-7763NA from September – 2019  to  PresentView
76Dharmadoot (print only)Maha Bodhi Society of India2347-3428NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
77Dhimahi (print only)Chinmaya International Foundation Shodha Sansthan0976-3066NA from September – 2019  to  PresentView
78Dibrugarh University Journal of English StudiesDepartment of English, Dibrugarh University0975-56592581-7833 from June – 2019  to  April – 2022Discontinued from April 2022
79Dirasat ArabiaCentre of Arabic and African Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University2348-2613NA from September – 2019  to  PresentView
80DiscoursOpenEdition JournalsNA1963-1723 from June – 2019  to  PresentView
81Drishti: The SightDrishti: The Sight2319-8281NA from June – 2019  to  PresentView
82Drishtikon (print only)Drishtikon Prakashan0975-119XNA from September – 2019  to  April – 2021Discontinued from April 2021
83Dwibhashi Rashtrasewak (print only)Assam National Language Promotion Committee2321-4945NA from July – 2021  to  PresentView
84Eastern Journal of Dialogue and CultureChair for Christian Studies and Research, University of Calicut0974-7567NA from July – 2021  to  PresentView
85Ebong Mahua (print only)K. K. PrakashanNANA from September – 2019  to  January – 2022Discontinued from Jan. 2022
86Ebong Mushayera (print only)Ebang Mushayera0976-9307NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
87English Forum: Journal of the Department of EnglishDepartment of English, Gauhati University2279-0446NA from October – 2021  to  PresentView
88EnsembleDr. Meghnad Saha CollegeNA2582-0427 from January – 2020  to  October – 2021Discontinued from Oct. 2021
89Environmental PhilosophyPhilosophy Documentation Center1718-01982153-8905 from June – 2019  to  PresentView
90EPD FilmGemeinschaftswerk der Evangelischen Publizistik e.V.0176-2044NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
91Etad (print only)Kshitij Shanshodhan Prakashan Kendra2350-0689NA from September – 2019  to  PresentView
92FachspracheFacultas Verlags- und Buchhandels AG1017-32850251-1207 from January – 2020  to  July – 2020Indexed in Scopus
93Fafnir- Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy ResearchThe Finnish Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy Research2342-2009NA from June – 2019  to  PresentView
94Fikr- o- Nazar (print only)Aligarh Muslim University2347-3401NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
95Fikr- O- TahqeeqNational Council for Promotion of Urdu Language2249-0647NA from September – 2019  to  PresentView
96Film- PhilosophyEdinburgh University PressNA1466-4615 from June – 2019  to  July – 2020Indexed in Scopus
97FilmblattCineGraph Babelsberg Berlin- Brandenburgisches Centrum fuer Filmforschung e.V.1433-2051NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
98Focus on German StudiesUniversity of Cincinnati1076-5697NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
99Forbes Gujarati SabhaFarbas Gujarati Sabha0559-9253NA from January – 2020  to  PresentView
100FORTELL: Journal of Teaching English Language and LiteratureTESOL International Association and International association of Teachers of English as Foreign Language2229-65572394-9244 from October – 2021  to  PresentView
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