(Latest) Biotechnology UGC CARE approved journals 2022

Biotechnology UGC CARE-approved journals: The number of research articles published in reputed journals is one of the globally-accepted indicators considered for various academic purposes such as institutional ranking, appointments, promotions of faculty members, membership of academic committees, award of research degrees, etc.

In this blog post, we list Biotechnology journals indexed in the UGC CARE list. We have posted below the total of 96 reputed journals in the Biotechnology subject.

Since all the below journals are approved by UGC, you can send your research papers to these UGC CARE-listed journals without any tension.

Biotechnology UGC approved journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSN
1Acta Fytotechnica et Zootechnica Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra1335-258X
2Advances in AgricultureHindawi Limited2356-654X
3Advances in Zoology and BotanyHorizon Research Publishing2331-5083
4Agricultural Research JournalPunjab Agricultural University2395-1435
5Agricultural Science DigestAgricultural Research Communication Centre0253-150X
6AIMS Molecular ScienceAIMS PressNA
7Animal Systematics, Evolution and DiversityKorean Society of Systematic ZoologyNA
8Annals of Plant and Soil ResearchG. K. V. Society0972-1959
9Annals. Food Science and Technology Valahia University Press2065-2828
10Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual CultureUniversity of Strathclyde1756-9575
11Arctoa: A Journal of BryologyKMK Scientific Press Ltd.0131-1379
12Arimaa Nokku (print only)Arimaa Nokku2320-4842
13Asian Journal of Agriculture and DevelopmentSoutheast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture1656-4383
14Bharatiya Vaigyanik evam Audyogik Anusandhan PatrikaNational Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources0771-7706
15Biotecnologia VegetalInstituto De Biotecnologia De Las Plantas1609-1841
16Botanicheskii ZhurnalSankt-Peterburgskaya Izdatel’Skaya Firma Nauka0006-8136
17Bryophyte Diversity and EvolutionMagnolia Press2381-9677
18Caucasian Entomological BulletinInstitute of Arid Zones SSC RASNA
19Current Biochemical EngineeringBentham Science Publishers2212-7119
20Current BotanyTathQeef Scientific PublishingNA
21Current Opinion in Biomedical EngineeringElsevier2468-4511
22Curtis’s Botanical MagazineRoyal Botanic GardensNA
23Defence Life Science JournalDefence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre2456-379X
24Ela Journal of Forestry and WildlifeEla Foundation2319-4361
25EntomonAssociation for Advancement of Entomology0377-9335
26Environmental and Experimental BiologyUniversity of Latvia1691-8088
27Food Science and Human WellnessBeijing Academy of Food Sciences2213-4530
28Fungal Biology and BiotechnologyBioMed Central Ltd.2054-3085
29Gardens Bulletin SingaporeNational Parks Board, Singapore Botanic Gardens0374-7859
30Gujarat Agricultural University Research JournalSardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University0250-5193
31Horticultural Plant JournalKeAi Publishing Communications Ltd2095-9885
32Indian HydrobiologyKrishnamurthy Institute of Algology, Madras Christian College0971-6548
33Indian Journal of AerobiologyIndian Aerobiological Society0971-1546
34Indian Journal of Animal NutritionAnimal Nutrition Society of India0970-3209
35Indian Journal of Dairy ScienceIndian Dairy Association0019-5146
36Indian Journal of Hill FarmingIndian Association of Hill Farming0970-6429
37Indian Journal of Small RuminantsIndian Society for Sheep and Goat Production and Utilization0971-9857
38Indian Journal of Sugarcane TechnologyAssociation of Sugarcane Technologists of India0970-3233
39Indonesian Journal of Forestry ResearchMinistry of Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia2355-7079
40International Journal of Agricultural SystemGraduate School, Hasanuddin University2337-9782
41International Journal of Agricultural TechnologyAssociation of Agricultural Technology in Southeast Asia2630-0613
42International Journal of Biomedical and Clinical EngineeringIGI Global2161-1610
43International Journal of Food and Nutritional SciencesInternational Association of Food and Nutrition Scientists2319-1775
44International Research Journal of Plant ScienceInternational Research Journals Publishing House2141-5447
45IRCF Journal Reptiles and Amphibians: Conservation and Natural HistoryThe International Reptile Conservation Foundation2330-3956
46Journal of Animal EthicsUniversity of Illinois Press2156-5414
47Journal of Aquatic Biology and FisheriesDepartment of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries, University of Kerala2321-340X
48Journal of Biologically Active Products from NatureTaylor and Francis2231-1866
49Journal of BioresourcesRajiv Gandhi University, Center with Potential for Excellence in Biodiversity2394-4315
50Journal of Food, Agriculture and EnvironmentWFL Publisher Ltd.1459-0255
51Journal of FungiMDPINA
52Journal of Insect BiodiversityAtaturk University2147-7612
53Journal of Microscopy and UltrastructureSaudi Society of MicroscopesNA
54Journal of Mycology and Plant PathologyIndian Society of Mycology and Plant Pathology0971-9393
55Journal of Mycopathological ResearchIndian Mycological Society0971-3719
56Journal of Oilseed BrassicaSociety for Rapeseed- Mustard Research0976-1454
57Journal of Oilseeds ResearchIndian Society of Oilseeds Research0970-2776
58Journal of Postharvest TechnologyDepartment of Food Science and Postharvest Technology, Bihar Agricultural UniversityNA
59Journal of Proteins and ProteomicsProteomics Society of India0975-8151
60Journal of Scientific ResearchInstitute of Science, Banaras Hindu University0447-9483
61Journal of Self- Assembly and Molecular ElectronicsRiver Publishers2245-4551
62Journal of Soils and CropsAssociation of Soils and Crop Research Scientists0971-2836
63Journal of Spices and Aromatic CropsIndian Society for Spices0971-3328
64Journal of Stress Physiology and BiochemistrySiberian Institute of Plant Physiology and BiochemistryNA
65Journal of the Botanical Society of BengalBotanical Society of Bengal0971-2976
66Journal of the Indian Society of Soil ScienceIndian Council of Agricultural Research0974-0228
67Journal of the Marine Biological Association of IndiaThe Marine Biological Association of India0025-3146
68Journal of Traditional and Folk Practices (print only)Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute2278-5906
69Journal of Tropical Forestry and EnvironmentDepartment of Forestry and Environmental Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura2235-9370
70KavakaMycological Society of India0379-5179
71Microbiology InsightsSage Publications1178-6361
73Natural Products and BioprospectingSpringer2192-2195
74Nelumbo (The Bulletin of the Botanical Survey of India)Botanical Survey of India0976-5069
75Neotropical BiodiversityTaylor and FrancisNA
76PalaeovertebrataDepartment of Paleontology, Institut des Sciences de l’ Evolution0031-0247
77Philosophy, Theory and Practice in BiologyMichigan Publishing1949-0739
78Proceedings of the Zoological SocietySpringer0373-5893
79Record of the Zoological Survey of IndiaZoological Survey of India Kolkata0375-1511
80ReinwardtiaResearch Center for Biology- LIPI0034-365X
81Research and Reviews: Journal of Agriculture and Allied SciencesResearch and Reviews2319-9857
82Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences- An International JournalCentre for Advanced Research in Agricultural Sciences0976-1675
83Review of Agrarian StudiesFoundation for Agrarian Studies2248-9002
84Rivista Italiana di Ornitologia- Research in OrnithologyPage Press0035-6875
85Romanian Journal of Biology- ZoologyPublishing House of the Romanian Academy2248-3799
86Romanian Journal of BiophysicsPublishing House of the Romanian Academy1220-515X
87SAARC Journal of AgricultureSAARC Agriculture Centre1682-8348
88Sustainability, Agri, Food and Environmental ResearchUniversidad Catolica de Temuco0719-3726
89The Indian ForesterIndian Forester0019-4816
90The Journal of Cytology and GeneticsSociety of Cytologists and Geneticists0253-7605
91The Journal of Plant Science ResearchPrints Publication Pvt. Ltd.0970-2539
92The Journal of Research AngrauAcharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University0970-0226
93The Journal of The Orchid Society of IndiaThe Orchid Society of India0971-5371
94The RingSciendo, De GruyterNA
95Uttar Pradesh Journal of ZoologyUttar Pradesh Zoological Society0256-971X
96Plant BiotechnologyInstitute of Plant Biotechnology, Central University “Marta Abreu”2074-8647
Biotechnology UGC approved journals

Source: UGC CARE

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