Springer high impact factor journals

Good research is indeed required to publish in the high-impact factor journals of Springer.

Clarivate released the JCR 2022 on 30th July 2023. This journal citation report (JCR) contains the citations and impact factors of the journals (SSCI and SCIE). This blog post aims to provide a list of Springer’s high-impact journals.

Springer Nature is one of the world’s leading global research publishers with more than 2900 journals.

List of Springer journals with high impact factor

S. No.Journal TitleScopeCitations (2018-2021)
1Nature Reviews Molecular Cell BiologyMolecular Biology28,743
2Nature Reviews MaterialsMaterials Chemistry20,491
3Nature MedicineGeneral Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology81,944
4Living Reviews in RelativityPhysics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)1,780
5Nature EnergyEnergy Engineering and Power Technology39,057
6Nature Reviews CancerCancer Research18,660
7Nature Reviews ImmunologyImmunology24,692
9Nature Reviews GeneticsGenetics16,528
10Nature Reviews Drug DiscoveryPharmacology18,445
11Nature Reviews Clinical OncologyOncology18,344
12Nature BiotechnologyBiotechnology39,479
13Nature NanotechnologyCondensed Matter Physics33,007
14Nature GeneticsGenetics36,018
15Nature PhotonicsAtomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics24,962
16Nature MaterialsMechanical Engineering39,783
17Nature CatalysisBiochemistry26,887
18Molecular CancerCancer Research30,819
19Nature Reviews MicrobiologyMicrobiology23,038
20Nature Reviews ChemistryGeneral Chemical Engineering8,967
21Nature Reviews Disease PrimersGeneral Medicine11,620
22Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and HepatologyGastroenterology15,322
23Nature Reviews EndocrinologyEndocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism12,403
24Electrochemical Energy ReviewsMaterials Science (miscellaneous)3,853
25Nature ElectronicsElectrical and Electronic Engineering14,116
26Nature Cell BiologyCell Biology21,862
27Nature NeuroscienceGeneral Neuroscience29,942
28Astronomy and Astrophysics ReviewSpace and Planetary Science1,168
29Living Reviews in Solar PhysicsOpen AccessSpace and Planetary Science769
30Nature MicrobiologyGenetics23,671
31Nature MethodsBiotechnology31,236
32Nature ChemistryGeneral Chemical Engineering22,603
33Nature Reviews NeurologyNeurology (clinical)12,297
34Fungal DiversityEcology3,179
35Cell ResearchMolecular Biology10,926
36Nature Reviews NeuroscienceGeneral Neuroscience11,690
37Nature ImmunologyImmunology and Allergy22,612
38Nature Climate ChangeSocial Sciences (miscellaneous)17,941
39Nature Biomedical EngineeringMedicine (miscellaneous)13,402
40Nature Reviews CardiologyCardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine10,707
41Nature PhysicsGeneral Physics and Astronomy21,228
42Nature SustainabilityGeography, Planning and Development15,034
43Nature Reviews PhysicsGeneral Physics and Astronomy5,184
44Nature Reviews NephrologyNephrology7,931
45Nature GeoscienceGeneral Earth and Planetary Sciences16,579
46Journal of Hematology and OncologyMolecular Biology15,576
47Light: Science and ApplicationsAtomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics16,198
48Nature Structural and Molecular BiologyMolecular Biology13,161
49Acta NeuropathologicaPathology and Forensic Medicine10,573
Springer high impact factor journals

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